Monday, August 13, 2012

UFO Video - Lights Over Odessa, Florida: 11/8/2012

Calling out to all Florida readers!  Did did anyone else see these strange UFO lights filmed over Odessa Florida on 11th August 2012?
Interesting to note similar reports this week are coming in from Florida like this one.

Mufon report Unkown lights observed flying into thunderstorm
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Nell186 said...

This looks So Fake!!!
WTF do people do this????

Beverly Sinacori said...

Well, Nell186. I shot this video. I would like to ask how it would possibly look fake? How does one fake a video shot on an iphone and sent from the iphone? I also faked my dog barking and the lightening. So, in light of this, I am sure that you are referring to people creating flying items with odd blinking lights to confuse people.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a fake. It was spotted in northern Clearwater, FL at 8:40pm...then in Odessa, FL and Lutz, FL around 9:00pm, Wesley Chapel, FL (by me, my wife and another couple and their 3 kids who stopped on the side of the road to see it) around 9:15pm and then going over I4 around Disney World, where I4 turns North/South around 10:20pm. If you draw a line across the state along with the timelines, you'll see that it was a multiple sighting and not just one person.

Anonymous said...

While...Neil186...thinks its FAKE!
which video does he think is not real? & "WHY!?" Neil185 why?

To say FAKE! without a reason, is not realistic!!

Anonymous at "11:00pm."says there were multiple sightings! and not just one person!?

Witnesses,Neil!?...Perhaps, not fake!Beverly Sinacori at: 3:35am.
does make an interesting point,and
she is the one that would know....

Would Beverly "defend" something that was faked? I hope not........?

Caddy Labarge said...

Tonight we saw about 10 bright red/orange lights moving east in a straight line. They were very large but no sound. We thought for sure it would be on the news. But nothing yet.

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