Monday, November 26, 2012

Readers Personal UFO Sightings: November 2012

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FOUNTAIN VALLEY California November 24 2012

Mufon report: I was sitting in my backyard sky gazing with my binoculars, when almost straight up from me slightly to the right i cought a flashing. i thought it was a plane but quickly realized as the 1 object split in two, i ran in the house and grabbed my camera to see 1 headed towards east of me towards john wayne airport and the other east of me in the direction of magnolia and heil. they were flashing various colors of red then green, then bluish, then just white. i tried my best to film but my camera didnt get as much as i wouldve liked to show.
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Anonymous said...

My dad saw the same thing tonight! There were two lights next to each other and then they just separated. I don't know if you happened to notice if one of them was close to Orion's Belt? I took some freaky pictures of that light tonight...

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