Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Strange & Bright: Arlington, Texas: 21/08/2012

A bright flying obect was seen over Arlington, Texas on August 21, 2012.
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Anonymous said...

Most of the ufo sightings i see on the internet,about 90% are of nothing more than technology the armed forces have been working on for years.Not actual crafts or flying machines,just simple lights projected from the ground.Sometimes a whole computer simulation to look like there are many machines in the air,some even morphing into eachother.Example,have you ever used those cheap laser pens you can get,when you wave that thing from one point to another it can look like something has moved at great speed,and can change direction just the same.WHY WOULD THE MILITARY DO THIS?.It is a simple diversionary tactic.While the enemy is busy looking at the sky wondering what the hell are all these lights,which they think are somekind of aircraft,scared and trying to shoot down nothing more than lights.Game over,in go the troops and take care of business.One thing i can say is that the military has come a long way with this technology,and are now even able to use holographic images of just about whatever they want.I have seen this demonstrated with my own eyes,and if i did not know what i was really looking at i would have been completly fooled.So who knows what the next step in this secret technology could be.

Anonymous said...

...go suck eggs.!!!

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