Friday, November 30, 2012

Triangular UFO Over Knoxville,Tennessee: 28/11/2012

New UFO report just in from Knoxville, Tennessee.
Note: o see the UFOs, please view the video in full screen HD
Mufon Eyewitness report:
Around 6pm on November 24, 2012 while driving south on Mabry Hood Rd in Knoxville near the intersection of Kingston Pike and Pellissippi Pkwy I saw approximately five orange lights in the sky in triangle formation. Four lights were in a line and one light that made the point of the triangle. These lights appeared to be hovering at a low altitude. There did not appear to be any mass between the lights. I pulled over at the Chilis parking lot to take a video with my iPod Touch, but I lost sight of the lights. Then I saw one of the lights again to the east, and then eventually two more which made another triangle. Two of the lights gradually disappeared, but the last one remained and appeared to glow more brightly. I did see other planes in the distance in the same direction as the lights, but those were obviously planes because they were moving at a constant rate and had blinking lights. I thought that the planes may have been dropping some sort of flares, or these were flares on balloons. I stopped my recording because the light was just stationary, but when I looked for the light again after it was gone.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

What the hell was it filmed on? A kaleidoscope?

Anonymous said...

I saw that too in Mascouche, Québec.

Greg St. Pierre said...

Thought these comments were moderated. I see spam above.

Anonymous said...

i was driving up i75 that night and saw the same object going in and out of the clouds very slow,the cloud level was low it was very huge i spotted planes also in the air it went straight up i75 north lost it in cloud formation planes in the air seemed to be going east to west while this object was going south to north

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