Monday, January 06, 2014

UFO Witnessed In San Diego, California: 12/30/2013

New UFO video in from San Diego. If anyone else in the vicinity also saw this object, please reply to this post.

Filmers comments: We were driving down the 15 south in san diego on the 30th of dec and caught this footage of some strange lights in the sk
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Anonymous said...

Seen it in northern cali nt from san fransico

WOC19 said...

I live in San Diego, & I envy you guys, I've always wanted to see a UFO and never have. I wish I was there that night. You guys are very fortunate.

WOC19 said...

more and more sightings are occurring all over the world 2014 might be a special year for disclosure

Sherwin Ross said...

We saw two UFO’s on New Years Eve while the fireworks were going off. We have the view from our bedroom of the entire Valley. The UFO came from the direction of Primm, we are just past Sloan Canyon and had an amazing view. We saw the same object or objects twice come across the sky and then up and disappeared.This is some scary stuff and we want to know what we saw!

Pebbles said...

This is my UFO caught as I was taking a pic of the barn. Everything is in focus but that. Notice on the right side there is a "reflection?"

jayster685 said...

Seen the same thing, but there were like 8or 9 of them, bright orange then they dim then get bright again, moving in and out of formation. Up on top of hill from the walmart on aero drive, next to the 15 fwy. San diego

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