Saturday, January 11, 2014

UFO Review December 2013 - January 2014

Darin looks at UFO sightings over Italy; Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Salinas Valley Crop Circle; Alien removed from the Sea in Spain; Alicante, Spain; Durham UK; Vista, California Beach and the UFO over Hopetoun, Australia
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Anonymous said...

The bone looking structure, that Darin was showing on the screen, is called: "Cuttefish" It is a bottom dwelling mollusk, with an internal shell.An invertebrate sea animal, that lives on the ocean floor,and has ten arm!..Beats the octopus!.. right?:)..The Cuttlfish has a flattened body, with an internal shell. Cuttefish can eject an inky fluid as a defense mechanism.The bone consistency, is similar to "pumice" [A light rock full of air]...?

The Cuttlefish internal shell, or bone! if you like to think of it in this way,is often attached to "BIRDCAGES" for Budgerigars to chew on. Good for their beaks I understand!? Nothing to do with UFO:)
but its Darins show, right? and it was a curiosity brought to his attention, from the depths of the ocean, amongst other curios anomalies for what its worth. Some people know! Some do not:)..knowing about UFO. sightings, can be just the same...................

Anonymous said...

I think the clue is in Darin Crapo's name myself.!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! come on Anonymous:)..His NAME has nothing to do with anything. It is interesting though!? You couldn't help yourself, could you!?:)..Come on, he's OK!..I could think of worse....:/

Just the same!..I think it must be a hard name to live with, and he would've heard all this before.
lol ..Be nice!! He's OK!!:)......................

Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone who was there in Birmingham on that day in April 2011, I can assure you that the cloud formation was definitely a tornado. It was an EF4 or EF5 at that point and had already been on the ground causing death and destruction all the way from Tuscaloosa. And it continued for many more miles North East before it dissipated.

As for the object seen in the sky, I think it's important to keep in mind that it was a stormy, windy day so there was a lot of debris in the air. To me, it looks to be in the foreground and the video camera distorted its shape because it was passing so close to the lens. Perhaps a leaf?

I had my own UFO sighting in Birmingham just this week, but I'm convinced that what I saw was a robotic drone being piloted from the ground. We have a couple of large Universities in Birmingham and lots of Engineering students. Never the less, it was exciting since it was the first time I ever witnessed something in the sky that most definitely was not something I had ever seen before or could easily explain.

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