Tuesday, August 21, 2007

NASA Tether Incident STS-75 - Indepth Documentary and explanation

This indepth documentary looks into the NASA Tether Incident February 1996.
You've most likely seen this footage on youtube - but this footage is the best quality version you will see around and the narrator David Sereda gives a good explanation.
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Jarrett said...

I've seen this video before, and I find it very interesting. My only question is: What're the odds that all of the disks would be flying in a manner that would display a top/bottom view..

Anonymous said...

Good point jarrett, I never thought about it but that makes perfect sense. There is no up or down in space so that might lead one to think it's an illusion or just what NASA said it was ice particles amplified by light.

l2 said...

I'm surprised NASA didn't state they were weather balloons.

Who takes NASA/USAF seriously anymore anyway?

And that's a good trend, makes THEM obsolete.

I bet NASA/USAF will still deny the extra-terrestrial reality even when ET's are walking down the street and drinking beer with us in the pub.

Anonymous said...

unless they are spheres... they all look identical, even with a dot in the middle and a chip on the outeside which makes them look like sand dollars. it is obvious that they are all the same thing, but then why are they moving in different directions at different speedes? debris and ice cant do this.

Anonymous said...

This is at least very remarkable!
Dozens of very similar objects moving in different kind of speeds making circles possibly containing alien species checking our amateuristic and prehistorique screw ups in space probably laughing their selfs to death....
Ha ha why I'm I not laughing this is the biggest cover up ever!!
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is at least very remarkable!
Dozens of very similar objects moving in different kind of speeds making circles possibly containing alien species checking our amateuristic and prehistorique screw ups in space probably laughing their selfs to death....
Ha ha why I'm I not laughing this is the biggest cover up ever!!
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Aspinall said...

it was stated the tether was only 1/10th cm wide yet 12 miles long. So looking at the image you would expect it to be very thin and very long. What we see is either thicker than 1/10th cm or shorter than 12 miles. My guess is the camera could not resolve a 1mm image at 77 miles distance so the object we are looking at is NOT 12 miles long, but the top part of the assembly which carried the cable. NOW work out the relative size of the 'ufo's'

mdaspinall said...

my apologies for earlier post, i seem to recall a ladder type framework that that cable was deployed from. However my argument still stands, that rather than take 12 miles long working out the ufo size, why not take 1/10th cm wide and work sizes relative to that !!! or in other words, the ufo sizes cannot be worked out from the tether image (as the ground crew clearly states the object shown is wider than they anticipated)

mdaspinall said...

and finally, i do not believe in any way that a camera can resolve a 1mm tether at 77 - 90 nautical miles. i will write to nasa though and ask.. not even the military have cameras that can see a 1mm object at 77 miles (although they may !!!)

mdaspinall said...

now i have researched instead of hasty comments. we can discount the 12 miles length as the satellite at the head of the tether would have appeared massive relative to the cable. the WIDTH is the width of the satellite (i.e 1.6m).the satellite size is THE ONLY SIZE which would not alter. the length can be calculated relative to the width of the satellite diameter. the cable is coiled up like a spring. that is the only logical explanation as far as i can see (pun intended). The length would appear to be around 50m in this spring shape

John said...

Without a doubt, this is an extra-terrestrial species. They all have the same design- a pulsating circle with a hole in the center and 1 to 2 chips on the outside edge. They seem to be interested in electricity, such as the tether and lightning storms. I think that they are not composed of solid matter, but rather a plasma like translucent material, and may even be the actual life form itself.

Amazingly, in other montages and documentaries, this same shaped object is seen. Take a look at this one at 19 seconds in

Also seen here at 6:05 and 7:30

And here at 4:00 and 4:25

And here at 3:58

(dont watch the rest of that one none of it seems real)

Paul said...

The UFO's look just like pictures of orbs in ghost photos. These objects must be from other dimensions as they materialize then dematerialize.

Anonymous said...

Check out this nasa news conference from the recent lcross mission. Look at 27:37 and tell me this is not the new nasa tether incident, but without the tether.

Scott said...

My big problem with this video's explanation is that the "disks" don't appear in any other dimension to us. That is, they are always round with that notch at one side or the other. If these are disks and are interested in the 12 mile long tether why do they appear to be one dimensional all the time. We never see them from the side or profile...

As to the "passing behind" theory of the "orbs," I would have to say that the brighter object, in the case being the tether, overwhelms the brightness or reflectivity of the orbs such that one would surmise that the brightest object would over power objects of lesser brightness intensity. The quality of the ccd in the camera is, in my opinion, rather inefficient in gathering any real information because if you look at it, bright objects tend to leave "tails," and "after images," or "streaks." This is because the light reflecting of the tether has a "burning" effect upon the image gatherer, or the ccd.

No, I think Jarret asked the right question. I hope this answers it or at least leads to one.

shane said...

A few things to say.
1. In regards to why we're seeing them face on may be because a) we're only seeing the ones face on and that there are ones that are facing the other way but just too thin to see. b) maybe they have to and or prefer to have that side facing the planet for one reason or another. There too many variables to try and determine why we only see one side.

2. "Well if these things are so big we should be able to see them from earth". Wrong. Very very wrong. We can barley see planets from the ground let alone see spacecrafts that can change the frequency of their mass. We couldn't see the tether from the ground, we can't see the ships from the ground. Plus this is in the middle of nowhere above Africa where I doubt anyone was looking up or had a telescope capable of seeing the charged illuminated tether.

3. Speaking of the tether. The reason it looks thick on the video is simply because it's electricly charged and giving off quite a bit of light.

4. That being said there are people who think the crafts nither move in front nor behind the tether. Yes the tether is very bright but that is not enough to play tricks on the eyes. It's simple, when the crafts move in front or behind the tether the light acts accordingly. There's no need to try to debunk the video by trying to make it more complicated than it really is.

5. The spot where this speices of aliens were over Africa is said to be the same spot where they made contact over 12,000 years ago. Google it.

6. I know that these are alien craft but wouldn't it be neat if they were the beings themself? Like whales that are born, live, and die in space feeding off radiation? Sorry I'm a nerd :)

7. Now, I know that many alien speices have been obseving our planet for millions of years and I bet they know more about us than we do of ourselfs. I wouldn't be suprised if along our evolution they might have interveened in some way thus resulting in us today. However, I still have to ask myself; why are we trying to find and contact them? What's the point? Sure it's exciting to know we have comrades to explore the stars with. I'm also sure that some have empathy like us and some ( although highly advanced ) have none and to us seem robotic, insect like, evil. What I'm saying is; they will contact us. When we're ready. They exist no doubt and there's no doubt that this video shows one of countless species. But until we're cool enough, we just can't hang out.

Juju said...

Space plankton

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