Thursday, August 23, 2007

Top Astronomer from Pasto in Colombia Captures UFO and Calls out for help from NASA

Although most of this is in spanish the video is still great

The Top Astronomer Alberto Quijano from Pasto Colombia has captured a UFO for approximately 1hr in our atmosphere. They had the telescope pointing to the Scorpio constellation when suddenly a strange object passed just under the Scorpio constellation and was filmed for an hour doing super extreme speeds and movements that defy any explanation.

The top scientist says that it is undoubtedly a UFO! "It moves like nothing I ever seen" He proceeds to say, “its movements are not like any asteroid, comet, or satellite or any other cosmic body we know of" They said that they will contact scientists from NASA to see if they can help them figure it out. Rate this posting:


Chris Chan said...

Very cool! I'm curious to hear what NASA says.

Anonymous said...

Some hard evidence here, wonder what NASA will answer.

l2 said...

You wonder what NASA will answer? Really?

It shouldn't be that hard to guess what NASA is going to answer: nothing.

If you think NASA will ever release an official statement on this, you are really kidding yourself.

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