Friday, August 24, 2007

Colin Andrews, authority on crop circles talks about the cia & his grant from Rockefeller Foundation

Hi guys, this is an article on Colin Andrews, a well-known researcher, author and expert on the Crop Circle phenomenon.
The video i was going to post about him talking about the cia has been removed by youtube, its quite interesting i will have to try an find another link to it. I will post it shortly.

Colin is the founder of Circles Phenomenon Research International, the first organization established to investigate the crop circle phenomenon. His scientific investigations are responsible for much of the information available on the subject. He is an electrical engineer by profession and a former senior officer in British Government. For three years he advised the British Government on the phenomenon, supplying technical and scientific reports to the Under-Secretary of State for the environment in the Margaret Thatcher cabinet.

Colin now lives in the US and does crop circles research thanks to funding from Laurance Rockefeller, from the Rockefeller foundation. Andrews said he determined that 80% of crop circles are manmade, and 20% are truly anomalous. Yet he also found in the case of manmade circles, there may be "other-directed" or unusual mental processes afoot. For instance, he recalled an episode where he prayed for a Celtic design to appear in a field, and the very next day it appeared as a crop circle in the closest possible location to where he was living in England at the time.

Contreversy surrounds Colins involvement in the huge surveillance operation, “Operation Blackbird,” which involved the British Army in July 1990, and was planned and coordinated by Andrews. “Blackbird" was established to film a crop circle forming in fields where an eye witness had already seen one form. Many strange events took place during the ten days of the operation, but the only one to which the world’s media was given full access was a hoax, set up specifically for them.

Colin now talks freely about such events and his apparant threats by the cia to 'close him down'. Rate this posting:


William said...

Can you post the video please

danger2follow said...

Since Mr. Andrews work is funded by a Rockefeller, in my eyes, his credibility is greatly reduced. Most informed people know that the Rockefeller's are involved in suppressing evidence and paying for people to become puppets.

l2 said...

danger3follow: RIGHT ON!

Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds....

THEY ALL WILL GO DOWN in the next few years!

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