Monday, August 20, 2007

Ufos over Pentone, Bedford on 16. 06. 2000 - with yet again another military helicopter

These strange aerial objects were filmed by seasoned ufo investiagtor Gordan Dungavel, as they were seen over Putnoe, Bedford, Beds UK on the 16/06/2000

This is a statement from the guy who posted this:
The witness said when he first sighted the objects that there were up to 12 of them "performing an aerial ballet"...when he rushed back to his home 20 minutes or so away to get his camcorder.By the time he returned there was only a few of the ufos remaining..but at one point a helicopter, (since identified as a military 'Apache'), is seen going u up to one of the objects before veering away.
The film was originally in colour but much of this has been lost due a technical problem during transfer

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