Wednesday, August 29, 2007

UFO spotted near Kaitaia New Zealand April 28th 2007

A series of unusual photographs were taken at Ahipara on April 28.

The digital photos, taken of the sky and sea at 5.42pm, showed a bright object which did not look like a cloud and had the appearance of a craft.

The photographer watched the object for nearly five minutes while it moved silently across the sky in a northerly direction reducing in size and disappearing.

Dr Maccabee, an optical physicist in the United States Navy, says in the report that the object does not display flight characteristics that distinguish it as a 'craft' of unknown origin.

However, its shape suggests a circular 'something' with a dome-like top.
The object could also be a jet aircraft's vapour trail viewed end on, he says.
Air Traffic Control says there were no scheduled flights in the area at the time.

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