Saturday, September 01, 2007

Amazing New UFO over Parma italy on August 10 2007.

This is a great new sighting, plus they have not been reported as flares! A Series of Four objects, visible to the naked eye, hovered over Parma , italy on August 10 2007. These are similar to those witnessed several years ago over Phoenix, Arizona. No official statement or explanation has been made by the Italian government. (video and eye witness report below)

Eyewitness report:
"We're in front of an unexplainable phenomena-
Pattera said - It's a classic example of lights in formation,
red internally and surrounded by a weak bright ring.
The sighting is absolutely well-founded.
The only difference between this sighting and the Stratford one
is that in that case the lights were six, whereas in this one were four.
I've been notified about the sighting by several people, absolutely trustworthy.
The pics we gathered so far are genuine, and the lights habe been sighted from different places, even from the town (Parma).
For this reason, i believe that the UFOs where at an hight altitude.»
Conclusively, are UFOs.
Is not possible to explain what they were, but is possible to
explain what they weren't.
We absolutely can exclude:
planes, helicopters, weather balloons, meteorites."
Media report (if yu can read italian!:
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Ran said...

Hey Matt, Excellent find thanks for sharing ...

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

I saw one of these craft over Melbourne, Australia approximately 4-5 months ago.

One interesting difference from this video posted was that the one I witnessed flashed like an aircraft, which I thought at first it was... but whilst I kept viewing this light it performed what could only be "labeled" as a "Typical" UFO like manouvre.

Thank you so much for this post!

What I saw was that EXACT same Red colour...and the same Intensity in brightness.

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