Sunday, May 25, 2008

Carteret N.J. Shape Shifting UFO

A startling shape shifting UFO appeared in in Carteret N.J. a few years back - from the MSNBC UFO feature:
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SoD said...

There are many Regional Celestials of many different sect … each traveling of their own Designed FLOATS … Flyers Levitating Of Advanced Technology …. The only Alien-Celestial are those that travel from abroad through distance dark space who are unrelated to the many sect already associated with this planet ….

But there are indeed the countless Extra-Celestials who hold residence up and outside this Seventh Universal Plane of endless darkness ….

Regional Celestials have been secretly apart of this planet’s activities since early surface evolution … And now because of failing power Facilities of their unorthodox advanced technology, many things hidden will at first gradually come into view as they struggle uselessly to reestablish their cloaking abilities … and many things once elevated in secrecy by their unorthodox power facility, Will fall from place … the effects of this spill-over has been referred to as the opening of seven seals ….

A ‘once celestial’ people will walk as surface dwellers …..

I am just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say …

I write so that Walkers of the Good Faith will not be left uninformed in these matters in this new UFO era that now approaches …. … [email protected]

Neurotoxicum said...

Its always ligths on balloons or flares, istn't it?!

Anonymous said...

These lights look like a specific formation - as if a message is being sent.

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