Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mars Phoenix Lander the second Anomalous Object

A second Anomalous object has been spotted since the Mars Phoenix Lander started beaming back pictures. Its most likely some re-entry module - but who knows?

A Closer look at the first object zoomed in
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Anonymous said...

I think It may just be space Junk from the lander. but that 2nd picture.

I have my fingers crossed these may be jets from geysers.

They have landed in a area where they think ice is just a few feet below the surface.so what if a bit further down things are a bit hotter?

marcus said...

After grinding the crinoid fossil to dust by the sojourner last time,here is a sterile relief for JPL
this time;No springs or pyramids to wallpaper over or
airbrush out for the curious public perusal.
To much disclosure too soon would disrupt the Brookings recommendations to DENY the public
any information or images that exhibit evidence
of intelligent Life in space.(Even from the Scientific community to protect "National security")

marcus said...

Read" Dark Mission"-The Secret History of NASA
by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara
CAUTION:Not suitable for Naive Lightweights.
You will be changed after reading it.

Lich said...

Much more interesting are thousand planetoids between Mars and Jupiter, its good place to hide "mothership" of aliens. But maybe they also have colony underground of Mars. I mean this could be good strategy of conquer. Similar like peoples made when found america: live on ships near land and build fort colony from make future exploration.

So Mars is strategic point in solar system, its our "door to cosmos" (for aliens this could be door to Earth) And probably good idea to put there some military structures(not only scients)

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