Saturday, May 31, 2008

The real Jeff Peckman Alien Video stills vs the fake - Denver

Sadly guys this Jeff Peckman Alien video is looking more like hype. As no actual video footage was released to the media in denver yesterday, people have taken advantage of this & numerous fake videos of the event are doing the rounds on the net.

ABC news has confirmed the stills pictured or meant to be legit however. Peckman described the 1 minute footage:
"It starts out with a digital camera looking out across the room toward a window. There's a couple of flashes of light. After a few seconds, there is a small head clearly rising above a sill, panning the room, blinking its eyes, all slowly." The skin of the alien's oblong face, he said, is smooth, not wrinkled like the being in the popular film "E.T."

The below video compares what is meant to be the released stills taken of the footage released in denver vs the fake video - both not impressive:

Jeff Peckman gets grilled on fox news:
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Anonymous said...

This smells of using the media to hype a new documentary.
It will no doubt be fake and the authors will obfuscate as long as they can to prolong interest.
There are few honest brokers in the UFO business it seems.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, let's not give this creep a single freaking penny. A lame attempt to sell a documentary just as the last post says. These dirtbags need to be called out every time they damage the credibility of the rest of the serious ufologists. Yet another major let-down!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha.....

Anonymous said...

If you look carefully you can see that the lightsources behind the "Alien" blocks out when the head passes over. Is the lights lamps outside?

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