Monday, May 12, 2008

Google trends again - ufos still on the increase in 2008 - more to look forward to!

Hey guys,
Did another check for ' ufo ' again in google trends ( which is a good way to predict if a topic is becoming hot or not ) and again the results show still a steady increase in both news volume and search volume for ufo related terms through 2008. It seems like both the advent on free video sharing sites such as youtube and the number of increased sightings is expanding the public interest in ufos . Also I have noticed this blog is having an increase in readership everyday (over 1000 per day atm), which is probably due to this trend! It seems that the media have caught onto this ( as reflected by the increase in news references through 2008) and the general public perception about ufos is now one of increasing interest rather than ridicule. So lets hope this trend continues through 2008 and I hope we have some more great ufo sightings to look forward too! Rate this posting:

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