Saturday, May 17, 2008

News report on the Vatican UFO / Alien admission

I finally found some news footage of the recent Vatican UFO admission.

There are hardly any videos on youtube about this still - Its seems again there is a media blackout on this topic - i mean this is huge news isn't it?. Many people are questioning the motivation of the vatican's annoucement but if you look at the strange occurances at the vatican since 2005 you will see why the church is so convinced about Et's. Also the orginial footage of the ufo over the vatican back in 2005 when pope john paul died has all but disappeared from the net, does anyone know where i could find it? Rate this posting:


Lich said...

Am search movies about alien abductions, anyone known some? plz give links!

Am interested because i got several time weird experiences: i wake up in middle of night, paralyzed and some being wanted to take me somewhere. It was not dream because i wake up, just cant move. Another strange thing: when i was first time in hospital, doctor call me "best patient" because i was very calm (like it was not my first operation) And self hypnoze gived me some visions about nurse with cat eyes and some air pressure thing used on my nose and stomach (unless this could be creative imagination)

If you known similar case, give me info (and sorry for offtopic)

Anonymous said...


A lecture of John Mack from 2002 (120 minutes) about Abductions and the implications of it to humans. Imho very interesting:

Anonymous said...


The URL is too long...

Use thise Link:

Anonymous said...

Who gives a rat's arse about an organization that was 500 YEARS LATE WITH THE RECOGNITION THAT THE EARTH IS A SPHERE ?!?!??!

I declare all the people who say this is very important to be self-delusional.

Alien Contactee said...

lich, there are many alien abduction films out there but being an abductee even I question some of them. The following address has a lot of abduction videos but the second address I would consider probably one of the better set of videos ever put together.


Anonymous said...

There seems to be this idea that because some of us find this Vatican news important we must be reliant on THAT system. Not true. It is huge news because it means that aliens have been brought to the forefront by one of the major governing forces on the planet (like them or not).

Haha, I think there's bitterness about attention being on this topic is because ufo enthusiasts feel they're losing their "rebel" status now that the Vatican has said, "Yeah, alright. They're probably there."

You're the same people who will get their disclosure and then start to argue that the disclosure itself is fake and the aliens they revealed are in fact human created robots or genetic experiments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you finally get big news (MOD, Vatican, and the Phoenix lander) all in one month, and the first thing you say is... ah, not fantastical enough.. more alien abductions. Not to say abductions aren't real, just that there's something more tangible for you guys to be working with now.

I think we need a post on the Phoenix Lander. It lands on the 25th and will be sampling for microbes past or present.

If it finds life, there's your confirmation of life... even though it goes without saying, at least it'll be official if they find it.

Alien Contactee said...

ANONYMOUS SAID, "I think there's bitterness about attention being on this topic is because UFO enthusiasts feel they're losing their "rebel" status now that the Vatican has said, "Yeah, alright. They're probably there."

Not so, quite the contrary if they've thought it out.

The Christian, Muslims and Jews who previously had a firm and negative stance on UFOs and aliens will (in time) no longer exist because they were basically given permission to dwell in the subject now. They were SO against hearing about UFOs and aliens to the point of argument but now will instead become our forum members, blog writers, website owners as well as surfers on the Internet regarding UFOs and aliens where as before they wouldn't dare.

There are many other things that will come of this certainly and we're all for it. Changing the ideas and thoughts of the Christian I thought would be a harder trek than disclosure but it's now a done deal.

It's going to get real exciting over the next couple of years and I believe it had everything to do with these statements made by the representatives of the Vatican, the Russian Muslims and the Jews.

More importantly, that devil, fallen angel stigma put on the aliens will (hopefully) be reduced to zero.

The voice from the Vatican and the hundreds of articles to follow just like it have allowed for great change and the UFO Community certainly recognizes such. My personal response was something like, "FAR F_ING OUT" at about 150 decibels so I'm sure that was true for most everyone else. We're not losing anything (even though I don't know anyone with a rebel status) instead, we're gaining everything.

And to the other ANONYMOUS, I just happened to do a Phoenix Lander post yesterday here. I'm excited.

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that Vatican is always very informed in did. They are preparing the cristians for something huge and spectacular!


Anonymous said...

To the anon comment above:


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