Saturday, May 17, 2008

Larry King Live Top Secret Files Exposed

Here's the full version of the recent Larry King Live Top Secret Files Exposed
(will find & add parts 1-3 shortly)
pt 4

py 5
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Anonymous said...

Hm... so, MOD releases UFO files and the Vatican says et's are our brothers. Mars Phoenix lander searching for life when it lands on the 25th of this month.

Here's what I think: NASA figures they're going to get conclusive proof of microbes on Mars. We'll have confirmation of life on other planets.. and suddenly ufo reports will become more serious (although most will still be regarded as stupid).

l2 said...


soil bacteria on Mars does not constitute the ET presence.

NASA is here to give only the APPEARANCE to have a legit space-program.

You will be in your cold cold grave before NASA ever announces something close to what you are saying....

Anonymous said...

I can't take CNN seriously when it comes to UFO stories. What in the world is Bruce Macabee doing there? That con artist was put away, wet, with that other fake (Bob Oeschler) after the infamous Guardian hoax in Carp, Ontario back in 1993!

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