Friday, June 20, 2008

Another strange triangle craft

very interesting formation
Click on picture for Video (working again):
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Anonymous said...

It's alot like that Diane Blackburn tape. In fact, I'd say it's the exact same thing. You should post the two together, Matt. Of course, the question now becomes: What is the thing or things they both filmed. It could a high altitude jet formation. Or who knows. Either way, the strobing effect happens in both.

Neurotoxicum said...

WTF Youtube?!
It's been censored away...

Anonymous said...

doesnt make sense that these get censored?
who has a copyright claim to them?
oh I get it.. youtube got a call from mars!

Anonymous said...

Stupid video. So fake.
You all are butt lickers.
Fucken homos

Anonymous said...


matt said...

The NWO said "Stupid video. So fake.
You all are butt lickers.
Fucken homos"

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