Monday, June 16, 2008

triangle ufo serbia 15th June 2008

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My wife noticed a Silvery white triangular object with no lights or vapour trail that was below and to the left of our window.We were travelling in a jetliner above the cloud line so we were higher and progressing somewhat faster.My wife was so curious she bought my attention to the object.In some ways it resembled the top of a giant hang glider canopy but I knew that it was just impossible for anyone to be at that height on a thing that size.I had my Samsung digital camera so I put it in video mode and shot what I could over her position.I was in the isle seat,she in the window seat.The camera will not process sound when being zoomed so that accounts for the whoosh in out sound when zooming. The object went out of view as we passed over it and the last part of the video shows this. It was a large slivery white tiangular object as you can see and it remains a complete mystery to us Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

huh, that's pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the sun's reflection on a distant lake.

General P. said...

No its just burning swampgas caused by reflections from Venus.

Best regards,

General Patterson

Anonymous said...

can you say ship on the water?
Your wife should be sucking your cock instead of taking video of ships in the water.

Stupid cunt.

Dickosaur said...

uhm yeah, a distant lake that moves, above the clouds. Nice observing

Dickosaur said...

Whos the stupid fucking cunt asshole? Try to squeeze a few braincells more into your next brilliant analysis. Even a donkey could give reasons for why that could never be a ship on the water.

Incredible how stupid people can be even with videos like this that takes minumum of effort and time to watch through

Anonymous said...

I got a video of you doing little boys!
Maybe I'll post those you fucking HOMO!
That was over water you faggot piece of fucking shit cock sucken mother fucker!
And the stupid cunt should be doing guys not playing UFO fuckhead lookout bitch!

Anonymous said...

Matt, please moderate this mess! These people are ruining your site with their teenage rants! These morons aren't intelligent enough to make a point without resorting to this verbal diarrhea. Hey kids, please go back to your video games or go to another website where you can curse out other pathetic losers all day.

Lich said...

Why these movies are so short? Maybe in next frame you could recognize that is plane? I mean i saw many time planes (strongly reflecting light) which in short time, from some point of view have unidentified shape.

Anonymous said...

yea, cunts should never have an opinion.
Please stick to sucking mans cock.

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