Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nasa releases mass Water in space and UFO comes - Jamie maussan

Jamie maussan is always coming up with weird stuff, i don't know how he belives it all but sometimes he's right - this time he says The shuttle Atlantis released a ton of water into space and a mysterious UFO goes near to investigate, all seems strange to me..
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Anonymous said...

It's clearly a light refraction or some scratch on the window. Once the video fully loads drag the index back and forth - it moves in synch with the rainbow light refraction to the left of the screen.

Stuff like this takes away from the credibility of the potential 5% that really are difficult to debunk.

Anonymous said...

to the self-claimed expert anon above:


Anonymous said...

To the "Yawner" above - I'm sorry but he's right.

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