Sunday, June 15, 2008

Latest UFO Reports Plotted live on Google Earth Maps

Hey guys,
Someone has finally done it,
The UFo Stalker website has setup the only live ufo reporting tool that links MUFON reports to google earth maps. Ufomaps provided this earlier but stopped updating their site so now UFO stalker is the only site providing this now. Its very Handy, ufo reports pop up live as they occur, you can click on reports to get more detail. Its a great way to look at trends in ufo reports , such as location and frequency. Also there is the handy historic ufo reporting feature.
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Robinson said...

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Anonymous said...

You should make you website less MB-intensive...

This has got to be the slowest loading site on the internet.

Makes me not visit this site all that often!!!

Anonymous said...

You may be interested to know that tomorrow European and US scientists say they have proven that life on Earth is extraterrestrial.

Anonymous said...

ok made a few changes should load faster

SoD said...

Again I will back this artical by saying it is a good sourc of information ...It’s a very good source of information …it referrers me back to my previous article of “Unveiling the Ancient Beast” … and how the Beelzebub colony and the Satan colony and the Catholics are all related … as stated in this said previous article;

The roman catho-lics, draws power of an ancient celestial power source designed for the functioning of a ‘cathode-satellite-relay-station’ ….. such a celestial placed relay station has both been referred to as a cherub, and a celestial ‘angle host’ …. this particular cathode-satellite of it’s Ancient Facility, sets as the highest ‘6th point of light’ in a particular ‘6 count star trek group‘ …. it identifies ‘6 portal gateways’ to the Satan established colonized alignment ……..

The dark side of earth moon has long since been of a hostile take over of by the reptilian warrior colony referred to as Beelzebub … this wicked reptilian warrior colony working together with ancient celestials referred to as the Satan colony who are the perpetrators of the Good White Light, had cunningly presented themselves at the right place, at the right time, to be lord and savior …. And through trickery and deceit, set up their star trek alliance’s ‘portal entry’ on the dark side on Earth’s moon ….

But long before the invasion of Earth’s moon took place …. This particular cathode satellite had been set in position high up through space, and after undergoing full activation it appeared as a twinkling star …. a lot of wrongful changes took place after the cathode satellite was activated, and after Earth’s Lunar base was taken over…. one of which was a frequency shift occurred about the planet at the same time Earth‘s Luna Facility was linked with the Satan’s alliance and Satan cathode satellite ….

This shift of an altered frequency also disconnected the original celestial alliance associated with earth’s core, which had been in link with earth’s moon since the falling from place … this meant all portal doors of their alliance were now unable to reach Earth’s area of space … colonies of this alliance were lost without contact … these were known as saints ….

Also this invasion meant that all power facilities sustaining the many cloaked bubbles of space referred to as clouds which floated unseen within the skies of Earth …. And those power facilities sustaining hidden pockets of space orbiting outside Earth’s atmosphere who wanted to sustain their power facilities, had to now draw from the cathode satellite relay station …

Yet the cathode satellite transmitter of ions, was set for receivers of a positive receptors, which was to sustain a negative energy supply …. This was of a reverse process to those of the original celestial alliance …. But many of those who participated in the transfer over of power …. unknowingly partook of the Satan satellite …. Many had thought they were linking themselves with a transmitter established by the Ancient God Head as promised in days of old …. And in doing so would be quickened of an alliance which would reach outside this the Seventh Universal Plane …. But this was not so ….. They were only quickened in link with the highest point of light of the Satan colony …. All this and so much more, was going on in pockets of heaven, unknowingly to surface dwellers of earth.

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Anonymous said...

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SoD said...

Keep learning … keep waking up … they want you to stay asleep

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