Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Attack of the orbs - another chemtrail video Milan 2nd May 2008

Another orb following a chemtrail over Milan 2nd May 2008.

Orbs and chemtrails, this phenomenon is so common its almost a daily occurance all over the world. Some serious research now need to be done know into what is really going on Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

I think that they use the Chemtrails to hide them from the public view.

Anonymous said...

OMG please slit your throat for this moronic thread.
Nobody is spraying chemicals you fucking loser.
Mcdonalds is responsible for more deaths then the black plague.
You are the reason there is birth control. To bad your mother was to lazy to use it.
Please die soon, thnx
The human race.

Lich said...

Depending on your paranoia level you may see contrails and birds or chemtrails and ufos.

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