Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dr Edgar Mitchell interviewed on Fox & MSNBC News

First radio now on TV - astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell has really put himself out there, below he is now interviewed on Fox & MSNBC News. We must really congratulate him for having the courage to forward like this, especially considering his career as a former Astronaut . A man of his superior credentials and public profile really supports the credibility of his claims and this has got the public thinking hard again about the Ufo Topic:

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Anonymous said...

People: Don't let this die. This is one of our best chances of spreading the word along with a credible source.

Anonymous said...

ignorant people just hear NASA's reply, not mitchell's testimony.

It's sad, but it's true.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Dr. Mitchell has been telling this story for years, now maybe others who have been telling similar stories will get the same press coverage. I agrre with the first poster here, DON'T LET THIS DIE!!

Tiago said...

Why doesn't he give any names ?

There's no way anyone will take this seriously without he spilling the beans so we can get to the bottom of this..

Anonymous said...

..I believe Edgar has good reasons for not revealing any names, at least not the names of the people still in postions at the Pentagon. As such disclosure might cause serious problems for them.. Let's hope his openess on this will encourage more people to talk!
I can understand the need for further cover-up, but I certainly want to know :)

Semvhu said...

He's an old kook that just had someone tell him stories years ago because he's so gullible. Whoever told him that stuff is rolling in their grave laughing now.

Anonymous said...


nice disinfo attempt.

I guess Edger Cooper is a kook too?

What about Bill Clinton? Is he a kook too?

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