Monday, July 28, 2008

Could a Ufo have possibly caused the recent Qantas plane emergency landing ?

Hey guys,
This is extreemly hypothetical guys - but could a ufo have caused the recent incident here in Australia where a Qantas 747 had a mid air collision/explosion which left a massive hole in it?. Although the recent incident is now being attributed to two misplaced oxygen bottles, there is may be a possibility that a Ufo may have also attributed to the collision as many passengers felt that something crashed into the plane (below is the passenger video):
''Passengers reported hearing a loud bang before the aircraft rapidly lost altitude and said the Boeing 747-400 had a hole the size of a mini-van on the right of its undercarriage when it landed in the Philippine capital. ''source

As you many know mid air collisions with Ufo's are now extremely common (like the Romanian one) . With the large amount of passenger craft now flying over the world globally , the chance of flying into a the path of a Ufo is much higher than ever before. Governments like Mexico have actually announced they are aware of this and feel the real threat from Ufo's lies in the danger they pose to air traffic security. Who knows how many mid flight crashes have been actually caused by Ufo's in the past . what are your thoughts on this guys? Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

preposterous conjecture based on imagination, not evidence.

Anonymous said...

Even if the Romanian UFO collision case case was true, that doesn't make the phenomenomen "extremely common".

Anonymous said...

just a flaw no more no less

[email protected] said...

I am looking for a person that was on the same flight as I was on Quantas in 1978 from LAX to Sydney when a UFO passed underneath us, I think no pictures were taken although I would like to speak to any one that was on that flight. I do not remember the flight number. please contact me [email protected]

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