Monday, July 28, 2008

UFO morphing into a Cloud ?

this is an interesting one, I had a feeling before it may have been fake or CGI but now i'm not sure - Does anyone remember seeing this on the net before or have any details?

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Gavin Veasey said...

That would be a cloud forming.. Nothing new here.

Anonymous said...

actually, I've never seen a cloud form so quickly like this. Seems genuinely wierd.Perhaps it could be explained, but the little dot in the middle would be tough to rationalize.

Anonymous said...

if that video is legit, than that's not normal cloud formation.

smells a bit like investigation by proclamtion on gavin's side

Anonymous said...

This video was filmed by youtube user luckymauro.

It is in the same location where he filmed a black UFO a few days before.

I have chatted with him via email and he seems a nice down to earth bloke bloke.


Endrid.D.Cold said...

I highly doubt that it morphs into a cloud. Mostly likely [if it is genuine] it is merely imploding in order to travel elsewhere - generating enough heat/cold to gather the moisture in the environment, forming the same things that mother nature forms for us - clouds.

Anonymous said...

Clouds DO NOT form that quickly. Something is making that cloud!

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