Monday, July 28, 2008

UFO Vernon, BC, Canada July 25th, 2008

Hey guys,
One of our readers posted this amazing Ufo Video:

It was July 25th, 10pm-ish, it was a cylidrical light that dramatically changed colour and flashed intensely. Witnessed by myself and three other guests at the motel where I work. I tend to go outside and look each night since I started seeing them once and a while from May onward. Basically, I could not see an object, other than a upright cylidrical looking flashing - multi coloured light. Its legit, and very real - and its not moving irratically - thats me trying to get a good shot - but twice I was able to get a fix, and you can see the speed as it slowly moves from left to right, and then it vanished shortly after this vid. It has been around before - and flashes in the sky like a police car Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

Well....I hope we all know a policecar cant fly right?

So then it might just be a Police Helicopter....chaseing a UFO..hehe

Gary - In vernon said...

lol, its my vid - and well - Im really sure it wasn't a helicopter :-) Definately not conventional - looked like a upright cylinder of light changing colours and flashing really crazy - the video doesn't do it justice :) The full video is about 20 or so minutes long.
We are having a bit of a flap here actually - its really weird - made the news locally as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really weird.. I live in Vernon too, but I haven't seen anything yet..Which hotel was this at?

Anonymous said...

I have been watching UFO videos' for awhile, and this exact type of video has been filmed by many people LATELY. It seems to be a new thing.

Keep a look out, this one seems to be happening more often. Cubes or Cylinders that have a "police light" or "spectrum" of colors radiating from them..

Unfortunately many people mistake them for bright stars, as stars also shine multiple colors like that, this is especially noticeable when zoomed.

Anonymous said...

It's November 11th and I saw your clip on the news tonight about the "orbs" in the sky. When the clip was done you said we have very few or no seagull here. Where have you been? They're everywhere! Go to the dump! Also, I find it interesting that you've been able to capture not one but TWO unexplainable videos! Did anyone else see these orbs in the sky that day?

Moose said...

Just because he seems like the only one seeing these things or getting the footage doesn't mean that he's making it up. I mean really, how often do we really look up at the sky?

richardd said...

The guys either a liar, or...severely mentally handicapped. Seagulls are prolific throughout the Okangan. You can see them on the beach, in the sky, in parks, on buildings, downtown....EVERYWHERE...[email protected]/1526050617

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