Friday, August 01, 2008


This was inevitable guys - the Mars Lander Confirmed for good that water was found on Mars. This has big implications for NASA who are now able to plan a manned mission to the planet and possibly establish a remote base to enable further exploration of our solar system. Whats your thoughts on this Guys?:

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Anonymous said...

PFft.. sorry who cares about that?

Who cares about soil bacteria on Mars?

How can you rejoice at the knowledge that a bicycle exists when you know there are things like Ferrari's, F16's, etc...

This is just 'white-world' news.

I couldn't care less, and I'm into these kinds of things.

Virtually Lucid said...

How can you rejoice at the knowledge that a bicycle exists when you know that there are things like Ferrari's, F-16's, etc...?

Well, if that bicycle were found on, say, Europa, Io, or Titan under layers of sedimentary rock, I'd be more interested in the bicycle.

If, say, the bicycle were located in rock layers in Africa, and dated back to the Jurassic, that would make it more interesting than an F-16.

And if the bicycle in question were found on the surface of Mars, where everyone had been saying that there was no evidence of any bicycle supported life in the history of the planet, that bicycle would be more interesting to me than a Ferrari, which isn't really all that interesting to begin with.

Particularly in this day and age when a bicycle is cheaper, more fuel efficient, and keeps me in shape when I ride it for my daily commute.


Anonymous said...

virtually lucid.

Sorry, but you just don't get my point.

I'm glad for you, that you are glad they found water on Mars and told us.

Kudos for you

cassandra said...

Too f'king bad all of this disinformation has to be photo-shopped and hidden under cruddy layers of lies! F'KIN' A. sure does make it a little more interesting if you have to dig for the real shit though.

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