Thursday, July 31, 2008

Remember to boycott the Beijing Olympics !

Hey guys,
Like many bloggers who are following up on this topic, I wanted to remind all you guys of the urgent and pressing call to boycott anything to do with the Beijing Olympic Games - and this means not watching the games on TV or buying related merchandise.
Many athletes and even big names such as Senator Obama are also boycotting the games as well because of the horrific human rights abuses occur in the country, even to this day day.

Hosting the Olympics of the free world in China goes completely against all the merits which embody the Olympics those being 'peace, friendship, unity and brotherhood'. Under the capatalistic facade we see today, China still hasn't made any progress when it comes to human rights. It still destroys the lives of anyone who opposes its views, from the mass sterilisation of women in Tibet to the torture against political opponent's - China is no place for the Olympics:

We think that china today, with its powerful global economic dominance, has achieved a level of maturity to improve its human rights - but this is quite the contrary. Much of the wealth that China has accrued (thanks to you and I buying countless goods which come from the country) still goes to fuel the powerful dark Communist giant that has enormous influence and control over its citizens.

The capitalist motivated free china we see from the outside is still merely an illusion - China has not come as far as the IOC wants you to think. Propaganda and silencing of opponents is still rife, there is limited free speech and the population is still controlled into what they can and can not believe in. Infact, just this week the international media were outraged because the Chinese government have banned reporting on controversial topics while Beijing. Thousands of government spy's will be following reporters and athletes to make sure nothing slips out and all is controlled by the regime.

The Chinese have also flip flopped on their agreement to reverse their blatant censorship of the Internet during the games, meaning that the usual censorship of google, youtube and many other websites remains. I mean how can the Chinese population even decide for themselves what is right or wrong when they can't even read media reports about what is going on in places like Tibet?. Suppression of media and knowledge is a truly dangerous tool. It means the masses are controlled quickly and swiftly cause they don't know any better as they are denied the means to decide for themselves.

I mean why did the IOC really approve China for the Olympics in the first place? was it corporate greed that allowed it happen? Who knows - but lets hope the games don't become just a showcase to prove how powerful communist China has become.

Ohh and talking about boycotts .. China has boycotted the Olympics for like 35 years so i see no problem in you doing the same to them!:
1956 boycotted the Melbourne Olympics over Taiwan
1960 boycotted the Rome Olympics over Taiwan
1964 boycotted the Tokyo Olympics over Taiwan
1968 boycotted the Mexico Olympics over Taiwan
1972 boycotted to the Munich Olympics over Taiwan
1976 boycotted the Montreal Olympics over Taiwan
1980 boycotted the Moscow Olympics over Afghanistan Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

U poor sap. U think u know everything.

U should look at what the Americans / Western world has done with regards to Human Rights of the Palestinians / Iraqi.

'Brotherhood / Peace / Friendship / Unity' ... is a joke when you selective choose who, where and when.

Speaks volume of your character.

Anonymous said...

China does not deserve these games.

BTW, use a spell checker guys.
The constant dopey spelling mistakes on the blog front end make the site look extremely amateurish.

Astronaught, extradicted?? Just two examples.

k.BLAM said...

Hey, nice work. It is encouraging to see you revealing exciting new information, but keeping it real and remembering the people that are suffering and having a hard time around you all the time RIGHT NOW. Yes, things are changing, and things are on the cusp of changing. But other things are staying eactly the same. And things that have recently changed remain unmoved since their conception. And while we may feel powerless to find out what our place is in the greater scheme of things, we can effect change INSTANLY here and now with the power of POPULAR CONCENSUS. Bless you for putting such a real post up on such a poular UFO blog.

k.BLAM said...

(P.S: I just read the other comments, and to the first:
I stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. Their land was unduly stolen and they should have access to it. but property is theft. There is a large population of Jews and Arabs living in Israel now, and for better r worse, that is reality. Stop the killing on both sides. Live together. I'm not saying I know how to solve the crisis, but I'm sure love and tolerence are huge factors. Wait, and be calm. Try to see your enemies without hate and your enemies will suddenly cease to exist.
To the second commenter prior to my first comment:
Whoops, I spelled two words wrong as well. Sue me. Htis si pselled rwong too btu yuo cna sitll raed ti. Het emssage si ni hte cdoe.

realufos said...

China is not like the US situation with palastine, this is a goverment that kills its own people for christ sake, all for what beliefs and religion?

Anonymous said...

China is not like the US situation with palastine, this is a goverment that kills its own people for christ sake, all for what beliefs and religion?

Anonymous said...

Remember Abu Graib. Remember Guantanamo. Tender boy.

Anonymous said...

i'm not from china however i feel disgusted about your site after you post this entry. dun comment and say things without looking at both side of the coin!
look at america who attacked iraq and still claim they r doing the right thing! i do not see china attacking another country and say there's some nuke site there then found nothing there at the end. wow.....imagine everyone who can attack another country and at the end you say u did a 'boo-boo' and did not find what you were looking for and carry on attacking. its only people like you who will post things like this and think you're doing the right thing. concentrate on your UFO post!

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