Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot Body FOUND Fox News

This is non Ufo news but still interesting. Apparently a freaky big foot creature was found in georgia the other day. I don't belive in such things but looking at the images it looks strangely real. Is this some PR stunt or the real thing? Check it out here
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nick dk said...

Damn i cant wait 4 this 2 be confirmed.
It better not be a fake.

Have been a believer since i can remember :D

Anonymous said...

There have been so many fakes the last years, it would really be nice to see this case confirmed real.

Anonymous said...

I wanna fuck that hot bitch from fox news.I'd do her hard and long.

Anonymous said...

Damn those guys for taking a picture of me when I'm in a drunken stupor !

Anonymous said...

in about 81 0r 82 my bro sis and bro in law were driving in there olds 442 out in rurul PIERCE county WASHINGTON. about 1 mile from our house. they drove by a Bigfoot and it hit there hood denting it and ripping the antenna off. we all went back next day found the antenna . it had TEETH marks along the whole antenna. supposedly its in a museum in BC CANADA

Anonymous said...

This is a fake.One of the men who said that they found this,was a cop.He was fired because of this joke that went way too wrong. Monkey suit with pork guts in it.Things such as this really insults the possibility of BIG FOOT being real.Such a shame.

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