Monday, August 11, 2008

UFO over California makes the news 2008 10 August 2008

A new report in the new guys - UFO caught on Tape in Oregon:
Over the weekend many eye witnesses reported seeing a UFO in Oregon skies. One eye witness grabbed a camera to record the unknown object. The object was reported to change directions before disappearing.

Posters comments:
The 45 minute video of the UFO showed a shiny unidentified metallic object changing directions before disappearing.
Officials at an observatory don't know what to make of the UFO, stating that "Anythings possible."
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Gary P said...

Geez I hate the mockery of News people. Its so weird the way they get tons of reports and video and find a way to make fun every time.

Anonymous said...

I've seen to probes that look like that..

Ed said...

I saw a similar object when I was in Huntington Beach that day. I couldn't tell what it was so I just forgot about it.

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