Monday, August 11, 2008

Dorothy IZATT has 30 years of UFO film

This is a promo for an upcoming Ufo documenatry by Dorothy IZATT. She apparently has 30 years of UFO and close contact footages to prove her story. The only way to know i guess is to wait until the documentary comes out...
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Virtually Lucid said...

Just so you know, the original screening of this documentary was in 2003. This was reported and detailed on Coast to Coast AM back in 2003, and you can even get a book that details the experiences of Dorothy IZATT. You can view some pictures from the book by following the link from the Coast to Coast website, and can even order the movie from

Now, if the movie has been out for five years, and it is so explosively revelatory, has such extraordinary proof, and is undeniable, why haven't you heard about it in the last five years? It isn't being covered up. You can get it.

Well, I looked at the pictures and the film and I discovered's trash. Crap. Junk. At least, the stills are. Every one of them. They are light smudges and streaks and the only thing that makes them "proof" are what we are told they are pictures of (including some "helpful" artists renderings of the pictures to show us what we are supposed to see.)

Check it out for yourself. I'm sure that there are people who will eat it up.

I found all this with a quick and easy Google search in about 4 minutes with the search terms "Dorothy IZATT". It wasn't hard.

Lich said...

So its 35 years old film.

J said...

This is some strange stuff and a lot of bullshit.

This is my comments from youtube:

Ok i checked this film out and it's pretty clear what it is. She's filming something she cant explain. Lights in the sky. BUT the thig they're really pushing in this movie is the "flash frames" that show, as they tell us in the move, the object suddenly making hundreds of light-traces in one frame. And in other frames we can see places and people of light.... NOW.. I can explain this and it's actually pretty simple.

And i will do so in my next post...

She's filming with a super 8 camera. That is a mechanical film camera that pushes every frame forward one at a time and when the film is in line with the shutter it stops, the shutter opens and you get an exposed frame. Then the next frame loads while the shutter is closed and the same thing happens again. Now what happens if the film gets stuck? well you get one frame with lots of exposures. And when you move the camera around all lights form strokes and lines. Even the static streetlights!

This is why you only see one frame and never two frames showing this phenomena. I think she got some nice shots of lights in the sky and then some dudes came and saw their chance to make some money out of her flash frames and her credability.

Anonymous said...

Man am I sick of the "I have proof but can't show you until later". Lots of bullshit. I'm glad these other posters have called it for what it is!

Anonymous said...

great posts, thanks for telling it like it is

Anonymous said...

"virtually lucid" you are wrong. This documentary was released January 2008 and had one screening at a festival in Dec 2007. In 2003, author Peter Guttilla wrote a book about Dorothy and was on Coast to Coast that year. The book and documentary are not related other than the filmmakers interviewed Peter for the documentary. Capturing the Light was released this year and you've heard about it because it is that good. It has already won awards FROM the film community which includes Best UFO Footage. So if it were all a sham and fake, it would not have been exposed by this point, but instead, it is winning awards and there are plenty of radio hosts who have expressed how blown away they were by the film. Yeah no one sees the fraud but you, what a load. Somehow all the professionals included Dr. J Allen Hyneck over looked that this was all a fraud (for those who don't know, he is the one that first examined and tested all of Dorothy's work).

Also "J", I went and checked out your post on You Tube. Someone responded to your post, slapping you down, more politely than I would have, and showed how flawed your "theory" is. To which you never responded back, lol, you've been exposed for the amateur you are! One response to your post and you've been completely shut down. What happened to your theory now?

Someone who actually seen the film had to post how off these points of view are. All the good things you've heard about it are true.

Sorry to rain on everyone's negative parade here, but it is actually really, really good.

Anonymous said...

I purchased the video, it is pure undiluted crap.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this video, and while it remains to be proven as to what the flashes are, or how they are produced, the nay sayer's should be equally held accountable as to how the images were faked. Theories are not proof, just opinion.

It's clearly stated in the video that the flash frames occur every 30 seconds, in one frame, with no bleed-over of flashed lights, before or after the flash frame. So, in 1/18th of a second, what I saw were lines of light bent and turned in patterns and colors. They did not look random, or like lightning. They were curved in what looked to me, like "designed" patterns, similar, but not repeated. Over the years, various family saw the same things. Three different movie cameras captured the same things.

Dorothy stated the single light strobes represented a huge craft. The flashed light bursts seemed to emenate from each of the lights from the craft's array of lights. One enimation for each light in the configuration. These configurations changed with each "visit" from what I could tell.

While there was editing evident, Dorothy said she could "talk" to the "Light Beings" and they responded from the craft to Dorothy's flash light, moving in response to her flashlight movements, and she claimed telephathic contact that the craft responded to also, in which the lights moved right and left, or appeared when she "called" them to appear. This was recorded on 8mm film.

A Mr Gutilla, a ufo investigator, claimed in a Feb 2008 Paracast interview, that he was present when the "Light Beings" came into Dorothy's home. So where's the pictures and movies of that? In the same interview, Mr Gutilla said, if the set up was done properly, Dorothy (age 86) would probably accept a film crew coming in to record her "calling in" the "Beings". I cannot find anything on the Net where this invitation and filming was completed.

I don't know what I saw, but the ufo group I saw the video with considered the light from the craft to possible attempts at communication. No great revelation there, unless its proven. Where are the Canadian MUFON investigators? Where are the hi-def digital examples, reproducing the the 8mm results? Where are the infra-red cameras that might show the dimensions of a craft at night? Where are the hundreds of ufo sightings over 30 years in the Vancouver area, specifically, Richmond? It would seem likely that Dorothy's films could be verified in area ufo sightings, by time, date, and independent pictures, and witnesses. A huge craft with many lights sitting on top or near a mountain near the airport, should be visible for miles. We need some scientific verification here of the fraud, or the proof, please.

Brenda Zakreski said...

I met Dorothy Izatt in 1987 at the west end community center after she gave a talk on her UFO a crowd of about 500 people...I became a friend , and for many yeas visited her in her apartment in Richmond ...and spoke with her on the phone for many years after that.. she eventually moved to Abbotsford.She use to speak to crowds of a thousand at the Planetarium and showed her footage and photos. She is real, her footage was excellent, and the events took place .. Once I witnessed an eight foot light beam shoot out of her eye..When I asked her what it was ..she told me the ET's were raising her light frequency...I saw it and I will never forget it...namaste...Brenda Zakreski

Bill said...

I believe this woman and the film is real. But I guess you have to prove truth. My uncle was bodyguard to Pres. Truman and what he said about Roswell artifacts he viewed flown into Andrews from WPAFB with Majestic 12 members on tarmac at Andrews on wooden tables covered by Army tents looks just like footage at end of Santilli film about autopsy. They reloaded the material and sent it right back to Dayton.

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