Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Strangle object FLIES next to JET-AMAZING FOOTAGE

This looks like some experimental craft, ufos don't usually have contrails,
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Anonymous said...

I gave it a five, but after thinking about it for a minute it almost looks like someone messed with the image and erased the wings, tail and part of the nose to make it look like a saucer shape. IDK?

Virtually Lucid said...

This looks to me like it is a test flight of a smaller craft, either experimental manned craft, or a pilotless drone. Both craft leave jet contrails, they are flying in formation, not one following the other. The person filming this obviously is following the entire thing with intention, as would a military videographer. There are even the continual beeps that occur with many of the military videos you can find. The fact that at the end of the video you get to see a quick clip of from the pilot's point of view, looking over at the craft makes me even more suspicious. The clip was obviously cut off here, rather than let the viewer see what the pilot saw more clearly. Pause it at the end and you'll see what is obviously NOT a saucer, but a winged craft, albeit of unusual design, possibly unmanned.

Semvhu said...

That was one strangle object, all right.

Lich said...

It reminds me "Dragon Eye UAV"

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