Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Deliberate UFO Video Spamming on Youtube - Your help is needed !

Hi guys
This has been brought to my attention and i need your urgent help to stop this situation:

A shocking new trend has emerged on Youtube whereby organised disinformation and video spamming is now targeting the Ufo Videos. Spammed videos which go for like 10 seconds using the keywords 'mobile video cellphone new ufo phoenix'- (which when viewed have nothing at all to do with ufos) , seem to be cluttering all video searches for ufos on Youtube - making it time consuming and almost impossible for the public to search for good ufo videos. Who knows why a 'ufo filmed on a cell phone from pheonix' would be a threat - but spamming in this way makes searches for any ufo videos hard and confusing for the rest of public.

The main culpret seems to be a user called 'randombutler' who has started uploading 'multimedia videos' (with ufos in the keyword tag) directly from their phone with over like 50 videos in the last 24 hours and - this is happening everyday, day in day out!. Its likely that this is an organised effort as the this would take much time and would accrue significant cell phone bandwidth costs.
So this is what i need you guys to do:

To inform Youtube of this blatant ufo video spammer (and any others) please do the following:

Open up one of this guys videos like this one

Report it as a spammed video by clicking the "Flag" link under the video. Then follow the steps below:

1. Move your cursor over the the "Select a reason" drop-down to see our flag menu
2. Click "Spam" as the reason for flagging
3. Click the "Flag This Video" button to report the video

The video will then be reviewed by google and hopefully it will be removed.

Thanks for your help guys,
We need to keep Yotube free of such crap so the public can atleast get some information about ufos . Youtube is one of the main free mediums for distributing alot of ufo information - its all ready censored to the max and we don't need spamming on top of that ! Rate this posting:

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Anonymous said...

I don't even use youtube anymore.Life's too short to sit through thirty bullshit videos for the one legit one. I like dailymotion.com they seem to have a firmer grasp on the content of their site.

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