Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Best Evidence Chemtrails are just that - chemicals

With the massive amount of Ufo and orb sightings seen following the nasty chemtrails coming out of large planes criscrossing our skies many people are asking so where is the proof that these are infact chemicals ? Well the below video certainly verifys this. The reason you should be concerned if you see these in your skys is that the chemicals are dangerous to your health and some say lead to Morgellons disease
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And you may ask why are they doing this - well to manipulate the weather and make fake clouds , esecially with the threat of climate change approaching:

heavy chemicals coming out from chemtrails:
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l2 said...

If chemtrails are there to protect us from global warming, then why all the secrecy?

I think it clearly fits nicely into their eugenics / 'race purification' plans.

Global Warming is a giant hoax anyway.

Anonymous said...

I don t think this is true.

Anonymous said...

i do think this is true.

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