Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Strange UFO like Image on countdown to election banner

If you see a countdown to election banner on the Tv you will notice the strange Ufo like Images on them, is this all a co-incidence or a count down to something like the October the 14th Ufo prediction?

video 2
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Anonymous said...

you need to get out more mate

Anonymous said...

Come on!

It's merely the lower right quadrant of the Presidential Seal cropped to a square as a graphic element.

You can see the word "STATES" upside down along the seal's edge.

Gary P said...

When I posted this vid on youtube -I wasn't really trying to convince :-)
I realize that its the seal, its not what it is that matters, but how they are using it - thats how convert symbology usage works. :-)


Lich said...

Presidential seal have letters on yellow background, so if picture was modified to look more like saurcer, maybe someone who made banner tryed to tell something, or it was his conspiracy joke?

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