Monday, September 22, 2008

Blossom Goodchild Interview - the October 14 Ufo channeler

The lady who channeled the October 14 Ufo predictions talks on Radio:
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pt 2

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Anonymous said...

Well, one month makes for a short shelf life. Just another kook who needs a fix of media attention.
Her 15 mins will soon be up.

Anonymous said...

yup .

Anonymous said...

FUCKEN LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

im done taking off this websitr from my favs Frakin idiot

Anonymous said...

I just thought I would add my comment to balance the biggoted
comments so far on this subject
I do not totaly believe this may
happen.However i do not think it right for people to leave the kind of comments that i read here(foul language,imflammatory remarks)in conclusion i would add if this turns out to be true please let it be positive for mankind.

Anonymous said...

If it happens, the believers can go HA!!! And if it doesn't, the believers just remain "kooks". So what do we have to lose. GET OUT OF YOUR BOX!!!!

Dave said...

Hey folks you should do a little research on this subject before you say too much , this will happen! THESE CRAZIES YOU SEE AROUND YOU ARE THE AWAKE , WAKE UP!

Anonymous said...

Ok people this could go one of two ways.
1.Nothing will appear beacuse it is all a load of new age bollocks made up by some crazy woman who channels ET's and old indian deceased shaman's, she is in need of some more book sales and crying out for attention.
2.They do appear and everything the crazy woman says comes true. So as a Christian an also a believer in life on other planets, it would prove to me that this woman is actually channeling DEMONS
Channeling is forbidden in most religions, channeling invites evil spirits. If they plan to take us away to ascention this translates as harvesting our souls away from GOD...ever heard of Judgment day, mark of the beast, people turning to a false prophet? Well this is who they are! They want us to collectively SUMON them if we want them to come, see the sites about how to make it happen. Ashtar and a few other names are very close in sound to some biblical EVIL SPIRITS
So think carefully people, who do you think is trying to encourage you to go to a higher place of ascention and leave all that we know behind for the better and can convince so many that they come in LOVE, decieving you all. Remember these words because they could save your soul if the federation of light do appear and remember them well when you make your choice THE GREATEST TRICK THE DEVIL HAS IS CONVINCING YOU THAT HE DOESN'T EXIST. God save us all
they are NOT real aliens (illusion)they are DEMONS (wolf in sheeps clothing). They do not want to kill us they want to take our souls away from God, we can only give them our souls with free will they cannot just kill us. Read revelations in the bible even if you are not religious it all adds up to what and who they claim to be. People find it to easy to believe in who they say they are YET sadly can't believe in the written word of GOD
Supposing you beleive who they say they are and you truly believe that they are helping you to ascend etc. Then you board their ship and they take you and millions of others souls away to hell. Supposing when you get there you realise that you shouldn't have fallen for their con. But then it will be too late. But now is not too late, you still have free choice, ignorance to God will not be your get out of jail free card. Don't get me wrong I am not a religious nut I just want you guys to see the other side of the story to make an informed choice when your soul is called, do you go with God or the Devil? Because I know who I will choose. Just don't be too esily fooled and taken in. I would love to see friendly aliens land on earth, but these are preaching a false religion channeled through a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

The bible and mass religion are forms a control forced upon us by the ruling elite. Mass religion is the spiritual IRS. I'll admit the bible does have a couple passages that hold true, But C'mon even your pope is down with the ETs. And if you think about it which sounds more crazy an invisible all loving god that expects 20% of your paycheck, and will send you STRAIGHT TO HELL if you step out of line. Or the idea that among billions and billions of stars and planets their is intelligent life other then our own. Hummmm let me think about it.....

Oh that reminds me The second coming of Jesus is going to happen in my kitchen, hes supposed to finish installing my dishwasher at 4:00

Ron said...

"So as a Christian and also a believer in life on other planets, it would prove to me that this woman is actually channeling DEMONS"

What a hypocritical statement and narrow-minded viewpoint!

How can you believe in God, life on other planets, and not accept that these are angels coming to help our society and ecomony in it's time of need?

ET's and UFO's are a FACT! It's already been proven! ...ever heard of

Our Secretive Corrupt Government has been lieing to us for over 65 yrs now. THEY are actually the ones possessed by the DEVIL.

The Galatic Federation are God's lightworkers!

RJ - San Diego said...

it better happen for goodchild's sake. if it doesnt, she's full of shit and always has been and always will be

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