Wednesday, September 24, 2008

mass UFO sighting in australia

Interesting article on ufo here down under - here is an extract
THREE station workers and three backpackers have been left stunned after witnessing strange lights flying over a remote station in the NT outback.

The Northern Territory News reports Ray Aylett, Normie Hooker and Alan "Doc" McIntosh were sitting on their pergola at Muckaty Station with three European backpackers when a bright light appeared.

Mr Aylett, 58, said they were all stunned by the bizarre sighting.

"This strange light was coming straight for us, over the house," he said.

"We all walked outside and were watching it come towards us, then it went straight east and faded out.''

"I have never seen anything like it. Normie and Doc had never seen anything like it either, and those backpackers, they were in shock.

"You could see it coming towards us but it wasn't a plane. It made no noise - you couldn't hear anything.''

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Nord said...

The time is comming to open the wisdom to all.

Then we can see if it was wrong to believe in such things like UFO.

Best greetings from the country where the Haunebu came from!

Anonymous said...

hope they dont have a big can of Mortien.maybe they will spray the yanks first and do us all a favour.

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