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ConCERNed ? Cern shutdowns Large Hadron Collider LHC due to another accident

What did i say guys about the LHC ...
According to yet another accident which occurred at the Large Hadron Collider on Friday the LHC will be shutdown for another two months. Would this have anything to do with unexpected results during recent particle collision testing ? It is a strange co-incidence that this occured just before bidirectional pariticle testing organised for Monday.

The official response from CERN is that this was due to a 'helium leak caused by a flawed electrical connection between two magnets' - But with £2.6bn spent of the project you think that simple flaws such as electrical cabling would have been covered.I mean can we really trust this explanation - would they really confess that upon testing they discovered the billion dollar project was truly dangerous ?

Another more disturbing explanation for the cause of the fault which created the accident could be that the greek hacking team which infiltrated the LHC CMS network 2 weeks ago, could have successfully hacked into the detecting magnets this time. Either way, CERN is currently investigating the 'cause of the fault'.

Its interesting also to note that Ufos have been seen over the LHC site alot of the past six months. Considering that fact the Ufos often monitor and disable nuclear silos around the world, there may also be a similar connection with the LHC project - whereby the project is being sabotaged from an external source for our own good? Sounds strange but who knows.

One thing we know for sure however is that CERN is messing with the unknown when it comes to the LHC.

Below is an extract from
this article about the latest accident:
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was shut down by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and will remain that way for at least the next two months. The cause of this measure was a helium leak that occurred after an accident on Friday.

The gigantic particle accelerator built 330 feet underground along the French-Swiss border was damaged far worse than researchers had estimated, but it posed no threat to the personnel working there.

Officials of the project said it all started with a flawed electrical connection between two magnets. The connection melted, caused a mechanical blunder and then caused the helium leak.
CERN researchers must warm the damaged section so they can fix the problem and this will take a while. The operating temperature of the LHC is of minus 271.3 degrees Celsius (minus 456.3 degrees Fahrenheit).

"Because the
LHC is a superconducting machine that works at very low temperatures, in order to get in and fix it we've got to warm it up, then we go and fix it, and then we cool it down again,” said CERN spokesman James Gillie
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Anonymous said...

A waste of money that's all it is !!!

Anonymous said...

Waste of money? Costs less than 3 days in Irak and has a helluva lot more usefull spin-offs!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Okay, here we go again. The mysterious and dangerous LHC!

Yes, something went wrong, apperently a leak of Helium. I won't repeat what the spokes person said. Up to two months delay, too bad.

Now, whats the reasons for this? Let's list them, and add the ones named as 'possible' or hinted at by the blogger and other people here I'm sure.

1) Nothing more or less then the spokes person said / explained. They need to fix this, and certainly look for possible other similar flaws in the system before restarting. Such a big machine and project, the investigation will take time just to be as sure as possible.

2) Something mysterious happend. Something more then a simple coincidence. This combined with some UFO sightings near the LHC means they could possible be involved. The beeings from a other (or more) planets came here to shut down the LHC themselfs to save us from destroying our selfs.

3) After some classified tests the project leaders decides that the completely unscientific idea that this will consume our planet has serious ground. Then decides to sabotage the project. Delaying it for another two months seems acording to them to be the best idea to save our precious world.

4) God did it.

Now, I'm sure some other options could be added or thought of. Probably endless considering the magnitude of the 2-4 options.

However, I really wish people would look at them as objectivly as possible and then decide which is atleast most probable.

Is it really a hard choice?

I sincerly hope not. Now, this project is indeed expensive. But is it that much more expensive then other things in any govements budget? Let's take a quick look.

£2.6bn, the number given by the blogger and I have no reason to doubt it. It is a lot of money, at least at first glance. However, this money has been spent over the total course of the project, the time it took to build this. I remember hearing it was a 20 year project. Now, still it might be considerd to be a huge bit of money anyway. Now consider that the cost of this has been split between many countries.

So, 20 years, split between many countries... This might actually to turn out to be a minimal expense for most countries budgets.

This is really nothing that isnt already spent on science anyway, its just a bit of the cake. If you considerd the amount of scientific data, the wide range of projects (nuclear and possibly others), then to say the least: this is as amazing investment.

Yours truely, "The Physicist"

Anonymous said...

It is the largest time machine ever built. But certainly not the first. ALICE through the looking glass. Tranversable wormholes.

Anonymous said...


Gaby de Wilde said...

hehehe, that last human was funny.

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