Friday, September 26, 2008

UFO above Amsterdam 25h September 2008

The new Amsterdam ufo

Translation Courtesy of ATS
...Suddenly there appeard some big lightspheres. Inhabitants took their camera's to film the mysterie spheres.

It gives f**** light.
Whats that?
Look! there another one.
...weird speaking...
It gives light
All sort of colors, check!
Yes, I see that too.

THis was filmed in south east.
Also in north the lightspheres where seen.

Talks about how an airplane was flying there also which apperantly was flying with an angle suddenly as the pilot was "frightened"

Flight control thinks it were chiness balloons.

There was almost no wind, the spheres where going in a strait line. She thinks it was something alien.

After 15 minutes the spheres dissapeared out here sight.
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Gary P said...

I like this one. Seems genuine :-) Good shot too :-)

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