Wednesday, September 24, 2008

UFO Mesa Arizona 10-25-91

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My wife and I were over at some friends of ours apartment and we had been just hanging out having fun and me and my friend were on his balcony and right in front of appeared four glowing lights moving across the sky that seemed to be perfectly spaced and glowing in and out like a beacon of sorts. We had a camcorder there at the time and quickly grabbed it and started to film the event that I like to call "The Mesa Lights".

These lights were moving Southwest in direction and were at a low altitude. The lights that I observed were only four that we saw and definitely moving across the sky fairly quickly, however observing this happen seemed much longer. My friend said that he had read about an airshow that was going on around this same time in the paper but now looking back at this footage again I don't believe that to be the case as there was no sound coming from these so called "jets". It was ominous, and where I currently live whenever military "jets" fly by at a much higher altitude the whole house practically shakes.
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nick dk said...

Why the f4ck dont ppl chase the damn thing in there car??

I really dont get it

Anonymous said...

this information war is all over the world and all over internet, you are not alone

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