Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why don't they want you to see this site?

Hey Guys,

Unfortunately, some people have decided to make it their mission to intimidate and discourage me from posting on this blog. The emails, comments and now most disturbingly phone calls (not joking!) are likely an attempt to threaten me - and you know what, they are not working!

I intend to keep this popular Ufo Blog going. We now get over 3000 hits daily and this site is one of the No 1 sources for Ufo news and videos on the net. This site is a powerful force for ufo disclosure and the momentum behind this is now unstoppable.
Apparently, this is the downfall of the blog because it is simply that - too popular and too sensitive in its content in the eyes of some people.

I am constantly seeing comments 'fake this' & 'fake that' on obviously genuine and sensitive videos and many personal attacks on my character and emails telling me to give it up & now these weird phone calls. These comments are likely from someone working in the disinfo campaign we see being rolled out all over the Internet - just like we have seen with the shutdown of Acebryan on Youtube.  (As a result all comments now have to be moderated guys.)

You know the strategy of disinfo is simply to confuse and dissolve the ufo phenomenon. Like with ufo video spamming on youtube or having people people post this is 'fake' on genuine ufo videos - this all puts a seed of doubt in people's mind and this is all disinfo has to do - bring doubt of the ufo phenomenon. So i guess as my blog concentrates only the best real Ufo videos all in the one spot this is a threat to the disinfo campaign.

so here's where i fight fire with fire....

You know I was going to hold off on this part of the post but not anymore. As you may or may not know what this site is visited daily by Military, naval and other security forces all over the US. If ufos are not real then why are these guys visiting this site ? - I have screen captures showing site visits from many various installations all the way through to high executive areas of command and this only goes to prove to my readers that the Ufo videos you are seeing here are real and a concern to the powers that be.

Just to prove this here's just a small snippet from the Ip's i have obtained from the stats of those who often visit this site:

Air Force Logistics Command - Kelly Air Force Base, TX (
Air Force Reserve Command - (
Air National Guard - VA
Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base - MD (
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery - Naval Hospital - Management Information Systems Deptartment -
Department of Defense -
Department of Defense - Central Command Military (Iraq) -
Director of Logistics/Transportation Officer - Fort Campbell (
Dover Air Force Base - DE ( (
Phillips Laboratory - Kirtland Air Force Base NM (
Ramstein Air Force Base - (
Schofield Barracks - Honolulu (
Southern Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command -

Also i have been advised to raise my profile and i will be doing a series of interviews with some online radio stations shortly. ...
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Gary P said...

Sorry to hear this is happening to you :-( You got my support brother. Love your site, and I think your posting and blog is great :-)
Be blessed

Myrdr said...

I recomend that you get additional posters to help you on this blog. that way they can't get to you. If you have me in norway and maybe some other guy in a different continent. Then if one of us for some reason can't post the news, another one can.

Anonymous said...

Anyone that has a genuine interest in UFOlogy has there 100% support for you.

I will and will continue to support you and this site as disclosure i think is real, The way i look at it is .... If this was disclosed a lot of these people would be out of jobs, scared of us, YES, scared of losing jobs, YES, Do we care NO, WHY becuase what goes around always come around.
They should have left when they had the chance but now these debunkers are now puppets on strings doing what the puppet masters tell them.

I love this site!!!


Anonymous said...


lamoroma said...

Hiya Matt. Sorry to hear that you're being hassled and made to feel intimidated. These powers that be can only do this type of scaremongering for so long. Your website is amazing and is the best info on UFO's throughout the web. Everyone has a right to know the truth, so keep up the brave and excellent work. If you need any help with spreading this info dont hesitate to ask.

Regards. Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt. I'm 100% with you on this one. I've seen some of the comments left, calling you and others obscene names, and it p*sses me off. Now you write they are sending emails and PHONE CALLS! that's going to far.

Your site is good for information,weather it be UFO or global issues and it's all free, making it available to everyone. I really support that and wouldn't want that to change.

What has happened to our freedom of speech? What is so wrong about talking about UFOs? I wish they would just spit it out so we'd all know.

Chin up Matt, keep fighting, do whatever it takes. Just make sure your voice keeps getting louder.

lamoroma said...

Hiya Matt. Sorry to hear that you're being hassled and made to feel intimidated. These powers that be can only do this type of scaremongering for so long. Your website is amazing and is the best info on UFO's throughout the web. Everyone has a right to know the truth, so keep up the brave and excellent work. If you need any help with spreading this info dont hesitate to ask.

Regards. Kevin.

Atrueoriginall said...

We all get them. The UFO Casebook owner told me that he gets probably 1,000 government entity IPs visiting his site each year. This is not uncommon.

The common denominator is however that many of them are just working folk who are just as curious as the next guy and they're using their work computer (military & govt. both) to surf the Internet on UFOs and aliens on their off time.

I wouldn't worry about it. The days of the men in black are over and besides, there are hundreds upon hundreds of UFO alien websites so why pick on you when you're simply reposting something from YouTube that YouTube has already posted.

They're just as interested in the subject as the next guy is all - or gal (be it the case).

Anonymous said...

Hi Matt.I thought I would leave this message in order to wish you all the very best luck in your endeavours.May I also take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your website/hard work in the field of ufology.

Anonymous said...

That list of IP's you have isn't proof of anything. Anyone can generate a list like that. What you should do is create a webpage with the actual logs from those IP's and post a link to it. That would look more legitimate.

I often leave negative comments and give bad ratings simply because the videos are of blobs of lights in the sky that appear to be nothing more than zoomed in, grainy, blurry shots of airplanes or stars or the moon. UFO's are a simple curiosity for me, but so far I have never seen any evidence that makes them reality.

If you are indeed as passionate about UFO's as you indicate, then by all means continue your quest; your posts and continued search for videos and evidence suggests this. Otherwise, if it's just for show or attention, might I suggest to stop now and find a true hobby and passion.

Good luck.

realufos said...

thanks for your comments guys,
YES negeative feedback is fine but abusive comments towards me are not. yes i do have the logs of ip's of these people , i may post but it is a privacy issue for my readers.

Anonymous said...

Be strong Matt!
There is no way to sweep the thruth under the carpet anymore!
A tip is to get as much puplicity as possible, then its harder for them to get to you. It will just amplify
the information if they try something.
I have my own ufo blog, but there is not as much traffic as you have yet.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Did you set up some mirror sites just in case?

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Love this site. Don't let the fuckers bring you down. We'll be rid of them soon anyway, the wheels are already in motion.

Anonymous said...

I hope the MAN puts matt in prison and throws away the key.

E.B.E.13 said...

You have my 100% support well done to you! Keep up the good work!

Jason said...

Great site!

Just out of interest though -

Bentwaters Royal Air Force Base, or USAF/RAF Bentwaters was closed in 1993 when it was handed back to the UK Ministry of Defence.

I lived 8 miles away from the airbase "as the crow flies" when i was a kid (although unfortunately was only 3 years old when the Rendlesham Forest incident occurred) and was saddened we weren't going to see the A10's anymore!

There have been stories of dog-walkers approached and told at gunpoint by men in dark blue 'overalls' and berets with no cap insignia to leave certain areas of the old airfield and runways, although local council and police asure people its completely decommissioned... Was just wondering where email would have originated?

Anonymous said...

Move your blog to

Russia far more spy-free for such topics these days

Anonymous said...

I have followed this topic with interest.It saddens me when people who are obviously highly interested in the ufo topic being attacked by people with little regard to courtesy or manners.I personally do not object to balanced opinions being expressed here. but some of the comments posted elsewhere on this site are totally unacceptable.
Being a skeptic has its place within the study of the ufo subject.After all it has an important role to play.However to have a totally closed mind, doggedly refusing to examine the evidence, dismissing it as fake, convincing themselves that all sitings are unreal or misidentifications do not.
In conclusion I would like to personally thank Matt for this wonderful site.

Anonymous said...

Fooking hell look at the people looking at your site !!!!!!
You need to act fast or it may be too late for you.
Please please get your face on local media so you will not be forgotten my friend

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was just an immature prat posting the "fake" comments.
Keep up the good work, and as we say in the U.K. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

Anonymous said...


Just like to point out, with all these attacks going on this site, and towards the owner, it is unacceptable. People view this site because they have a interest in the subject, and believe in them. So if people don't believe in UFO's, why are they visiting this site anyway...

Anonymous said...

I cannot sit by and let remarks like this go unchallenged
"I hope the MAN puts matt in prison and throws away the key.

10:06 AM"
it is you who should be punished
for making such remarks do every one a favour and disappear ignore them Matt

Anonymous said...

I love this site and hope you will not be forced to take it down. I agree that while we don't have any smoking gun videos proving the existance of alien space ships, it doesn't mean they are not out there. Even if these UFOs were something created here on Earth, they still need to be investigated when they start entering the path of an airplane or helicopter.
I am tired of the same F word comment being made on this site and I wish you luck in stopping those comments.

Anonymous said...

Matt, you have my full support.
But the fact is that there are
some well done UFO faked clips on
the net. Debunkers and jockers are
active to ridicolise the fact that
UFO are for real.

Lich said...

I think this all is just statistic probabilities. Ufology is very controversial, and probably always be, because there is no hard proof, so you will always find some percent of negative reactions. You probably think, "am more popular so more peoples attack me!" , but its still the same percent (for example 10%) When popular is 300 = 30 angry peoples, when popularity rise to 3000 = then you meet 300 angry peoples. And maybe 1% of them are very angry maniac, or some peoples who have business to keep things clear (government?) = 3-30 peoples who not just comment but do something to stop you.

Anonymous said...

That list of ip's is priceless! Keep on calling them out, Matt! They'll never tire of the game and neither should we!

Anonymous said...

I had the DOD visit my blog after leaving comments on your blog under my alias. Since then, I post anonymous haha. Although, I'm sure they could figure out who I was if they really wanted to.

I find many of the things you post very curious. I am, however, very critically thinking. So, I'm still somewhat of a fence sitter. Very opened minded though.

Anonymous said...

The comments are very interesting I noticed one from Jason more so


"There have been stories of dog-walkers approached and told at gunpoint by men in dark blue 'overalls' and berets with no cap insignia to leave certain areas of the old airfield and runways, although local council and police asure people its completely decommissioned... Was just wondering where email would have originated?"


maybe this one should be looked into further I think ? .
thanks Matt for a great site I do hope that the problems you have had with some of the comments being in poor taste will deminish and perhaps one day dissapear we all hope so

Joseph Capp said...

Slow and easy is my suggestion thinking what you do through. Remember you will not only be representing yourself from now on, but the witnesses who trust you. There is nothing more important that integreity take it from a very old man who knows.
Joe Capp

Anonymous said...

I found this quote on the web today and thought how relevant
to this debate
"Now is the time for mankind to unite in the belief and understanding that we are not alone

Matt don't let them get to you
with you all the way good buddy

Anonymous said...

I rarely make comments on here, but I do check out your blog at least a couple of times a week, along with watching Google news for the latest in UFO stories. I'm from a Christian, professional, military family and consider myself an intelligent, educated person. I think there is more to this phenomenon than just a bunch of crazies in tin foil hats. Keep up the good work & please know there are every day ordinary people who support your efforts!

Anonymous said...

you got them scared, man. dont let them break you! you are obviously getting them worried, so i bet youre on their trail. never give up!

Anonymous said...

You got them scared! theyre watching you to keep you under control! Dont let them get to you! the truth has to come out sometime! .....besides, I'm sick of being the government's bitch.

Anonymous said...

You got them scared,man! Dont go letting them get to you! you obviously know something that they dont want you to know, and they are trying to shut you up. Dont let them!We are here for you man! Dont give out!

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt. I'm amazed at the responses your post has generated. It shows you don't have go it alone, that you have a lot of support and good people can unite when the shit hits the fan.

I hope the twat or twats',who are giving you grief, understand this and take note!

Matt, keep the momentum going, this is damn good, and please keep us informed of any new developments with those nasty emails or phonecalls.

Thankyou for this exellent site and all the best.

Anonymous said...

I put up your site info on my youtube and tell people where I can and show them your content. You are a true patriot and when a patriot is truth seeking, I will do everything in my power to protect this. You are a ray of hope!!
Viacomclosedmedown on youtube
p.s. I do similar work with our shanghai'd radio stations.

Anonymous said...

It seems obvious, though. If youre being watched so obsessively they must be worried that you are going to let their secrets slip. No mater what, never surrender and make sure to firewall your computer so they cant get to it

-The Masked Rabbit-

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but this guy on here is clearly looking to get more hits to his site.

Having RAF Bentwaters on this list just gives away the original poster. Bentwaters was shut down years ago, they are defintely not visiting this site as they don't exist and probably all the other sites are bogus.

I do believe in UFOS's and have seen them, this site is good, but I don't believe any military are interested in these blogging sites.

Atrueoriginall said...

Oh please, get your paranoid hats off. There are thousands of UFO alien websites and hundreds and hundreds that get a lot more attention than this site

The UFO Casebook gets about 30,000 hits a week approx and he's had government IPs visiting his site since it's inception in 2002.

Hey guess what? He's still there!

Besides, even if the govt was concerned, which they aren't, they would concern themselves with a site that doesn't just pick up videos. If they want to rid the world of the videos don't you think they would go to the horses mouth and mess with YouTube or another video company.

Come on. This is 2008. The MIB haven't existed for over 11 years but y'all still thing "the government is out to get us".

The National UFO Reporting Center has over 50,000 UFO sightings in there but they are still in existence today. MUFON who would be the real threat to the government if there really was a threat would have been gone ions ago but they're still in biz.

Stay out of the conspiracy theories and you'll all start to see things in a clearer light.

He's fine. His site is fine. It's not going to go anywhere, nor is he.

But I must say that I got a real good giggle out of some of these replies.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of information is a principal that most countries believe in, some have it as part of their constitution.
So why is this basic human right together with Freedom of speech sometimes ignored?
Especially with regard to ufology,other topics do not seem to be subjected to the same level of censorship/ridicule.
If you take this site as an example,in my opinion,does uphold these two basic rights.However there are those who do not.
I noticed from one other comment that basically the more popular a site becomes it increases the frequency of attack from individuals/organisations with various motives for doing so.
Although this is basically true I personally feel that whenever these basic rights come under attack they should be defended by debate.
To me this site is an asset where people can obtain information and if they so wish comment upon.
Without fear or the need of monetary compensation for this I am thankful to you Matt.

Anonymous said...

This must be big, if theyre so worried. I just want you to know, youre not alone. theres no need to be afraid, because we have your back, and there is strength in numbers. stick together and stay strong!
-The Masked Rabbit-


Anonymous said...

I would like to ask Atrueoriginall to perhaps give us a sample of a comment that he finds so funny.

"But I must say that I got a real good giggle out of some of these replies."
To me this kind of remark is in poor taste and frankly we could do without them.Further,freedom of speech is a principal that we should all protect,and yes I guess that does mean we have to live with your kind of remark in order to uphold the principal.In addition your comment contained further remarks that I am sure others would find insulting also.So please consider your words more carefully and contribute towards this debate respecting the other persons point of view.There are better ways to disagree with a comment than ridicule.
Matt,many thanks as always.

Atrueoriginall said...

Paranoia and conspiracy has forever been a part of the alien and UFO realm due to unanswered questions from various facets of government. Consequently, worry warts came out of the woodwork many years ago and some are still around today who think that the government is out to take them down - but nothing happens. Nobody is contacted by someone knocking at their door from the NSA or the CIA or the FBI.

I've seen this for many, many years because I've been involved with the subject on aliens and UFOs on the Internet since 1987. That's 21 years of "they're out to get me" but nothing ever happens.

Instead, other fears are instilled by the comment from someone that someone is out to get me.
Impressionable minds pick that up and before we know it they're reporting it in forums. From there is snowballs into someone's short fiction on YouTube and then even more impressionable minds absorb it as factual.

What was said by other commenters had nothing to do with freedom of speech or lack of. It has everything to do however with Chicken Little.

Psychology 101, nobody is out to get Matt and the sky is not falling.

If you thought my remark was unkind then you read it in your own tone of voice and not mine.

I see this all of the time on the Internet (especially forums) because the computer has 'no' tone of voice. It also has no hand or facical expressions to portray it's sentences. Instead you are left with only words and you really do not know how to read them because you didn't know the author. After reading a few of the author's book you get to know him/her better and you come to find out that they're sort of a Dennis Miller kinda individual who speaks in a funny but rather facetious tone but not condescending or derogatory.

So go back and read my previous comment again and this time put a David Letterman, Dennis Miller or George Carlin face on it and you'll get it.
Oh No! The sky is falling, the sky is falling


Anonymous said...

Thank you Atrueoriginal for replying to my last post. After carefully reading your comments and taking onboard the issues raised, I do accept your point ref. the abscence of visual clues etc. in order to evaluate a persons meaning, and to determine if the comments are jovial or otherwise expressed within forums etc. However, I still feel that the issues I raised previously (Maybe you have not understood me) have not been fully addressed. It is because of the very problems that you so rightly address as previously mentioned. jovial remarks even though they are intended to be taken light heartedly can and quite often do, be misunderstood. It is for this very reason that our comments should be worded very carefully, in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Further I feel that if any person were to be dissuaded from commenting for fear of being riddiculed this does effect there freedom of speech.

In conclusion I would also like to add that from your comments it is clear to me now that no insult was intended to anyone, for that I thank you.

Matt as always Thank You

Anonymous said...

I have been visiting here for a few weeks now and find it to be the first and best place to keep up to date with sightings and news. Thanks to you... I've looked at quite a lot of other sites but they are not updated nearly as often or as care-ful.

I've seen a number of UFOs now over the years. Always tried to make sure they are not discountable as planets, planes, balloons etc. I've seen enough and felt enough to know summat big is going on and I want to know what is going on! So please keep going as and how you can for all of us who are ready for some answers.

The love and support will far outweigh the fear in the end.


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,Thank you for a wonderful site-please keep it going at all costs! I am totally hooked on the UFO/ET realm ever since I saw that Blossom Goodchild video-I started reading and researching everything I couldfind,to the point of overload! But,never the less,I am now CONVIINCED BEYOND ALL DOUBT that aliens are here and living /working at underground bases ad also are entrenched amongst our govt and other World govts. Our Govt definitely wants to keep this covered up. Do you have a personal email I can communicate with you? I have some info, I'd like to share. Thanks,June K

Anonymous said...

You wanna play with fire?
Don't cry like a baby when you get burned.
I don't think you're tough enough to deal with reality, If you were then you would put your effort into making a difference.
There's a lot of you out there sitting on your backsides waiting for something to happen... some of us are actually raising a sweat and making your "weird events" a reality.. It's called science! and if you had bothered to study facts, you would be able to see how basic this whole issue is.
Try this... you and I are walking through the forrest in Africa.
We happen upon a group of Chimps.
I decide to stay hidden and observe them.. But you walk right up to them and introduce yourself and then proceed to tell them the history of the world and start handing out information on how to build a helicopter!!!!
Yes there are people watching you...
No they don't want to talk to you.
Study science and get your world (site visitors) to understand it.
Then you will be respected and most likely uderstand that there is no mistery to solve afterall.
This planet is extreemely interesting and the lifeform that you are enjoying as yourself is a mere blip in time.
Get out of your chair, go for a walk and remember, you probably asked to come here in the first place. so dont waist the experience asking silly questions.

Anonymous said...

just so you knowI work for the gov and I have tried to visit the site from work, the site shows but the videos do not. Gov employees are not supposed to stream video on gov pc's...So if these sites are viewing they are above my paygrade...

Namer said...

UFO`s and E.T`s are real. I hope Mr. Obama will speak up. His new gang seem to be involving people like Podesta and Richardson and that is good news, hopefully.

" am so excited, i just cant hide it, cmon cmon cmon am so excited "

not sure of the lyrics, but iam excited!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep your profile high. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

I'm delighted I ran across this article you've written.

I run a very small conspiracy and fringe science site myself. It concentrates on NASA UFO phenomenon, Mysteries such as Coral Castle and Edward Leedskalnin, Tesla and above top secret topics.

Last week we had our 19,000th odd visitor and it was (the office of the secretary of defense) - we wondered why our small site had gathered little attention.

We saw the hit deriving from google images, and would naturally encapsulate the keywords "Nasa" Ufo" "phenomenon" - and we think thats a pretty unbelievable co-incidence.

After all, because UFO's and conspiracies have no _defence significance whatsoever_ because they are all 'outrageous conspiracy theories'.

Something is not quite right here, and finding your article is a most serendipitous discovery. Now you, and I and others can know (if we are trusted not to be lying) - there is something to it.

There is something to Navy Ocean Systems Center, and Nay Ocean Systems Labs and Echelon.

And they've got themselves caught out a few times too many.

Much respect,
Anonymous owner of

gi.neve said...

Dont waste energy on the rude and closed minded,dont even bother answering them, as Gandhi said the truth is still the truth if only understood by one person, they? cannot stop the truth there are too many of us,i recently tried to expose some truth to some serving troops,with regards to 911 fake terror attacks,their replys were very violent to say the least,and the lack of inteligence was astounding,they had no idea of the bigger picture and refused to even look, such was the depth of there brainwashing,sites like yours must never give in ,the truth must be exposed, and the blind made to see,stay safe, and good luck HORUS,THE PEACEFULL WARRIOR.

Anonymous said...

Great site. I visit here often. For some reason so cranks or kiddies are targeting you. After all it is the internet. I don't think it's the military or government. If that was the case, the site would surely be 404'd by now.

jim said...

well done, keep up the good work. love the site

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