Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ufo over the Giza Pyramids on April 20, 2009 on PyramidCam

Ufos have been captured over the Pyramids many, many times over the last few years thanks to (see below images). I have posted a few times about some great clips captured from this site and now another video has emerged at Giza on April 20, 2009 . Note that after this image was filmed so some reason their cams went down and are currently not working. see their site here . Its long been explained that ufos have a connection with pyramids, possibly because of the energy vortex there .. any opinions on this?

Note Click on Images for larger closeup:

What you see above is one the last images produced before connectivity was lost again at the hotel in Giza. We will probably not be up again until Sunday. It's a very interesting image from the 20th of April which shows something in the frame which we can't identify.
Video of the Cam capture Giza Pyramids 20 th April 2009

Here just some of the Collection of ufo photos taken over the years which i have posted as caught on You can learn more by tyeing " pyramid cam ufo " in our search toolbar.

Image date: 9/13/08 - This was a PyramidCam image captured off a live cam site by one of our Forum members who kindly forwarded it to me. From our experience it could not be a bird, plane, helicopter, insect, camera artifact or kite. I don't have a full size original, so it is not as clear as it could be.


November 10 2006 (videos below )

May 23, 2006 another ufo over the pyramids

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wow that is weird what area 51 we can't go there because we will be shot dead for trespassing.

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