Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fox pushing Ufos this month again - Gary Mckinnion mistake?

Ufos are all over Fox this month, every show from Fox news to Hannitys America to Fox Friends
- I wonder if Mr Murdoch said "you are to push Ufos this month" on his weekly secret 'topics you are to talk about' emails that circulate internally though his media outlets Either way the public are interested in the topic now more than ever and the media are picking up on this. However i wish the media would get their facts straight and stop trashing the topic - they public are more aware , its ok now .. please no more ridicule.

Ohh and in this clip below... Gary McKinnon is being prosecuted for 1 Million dollars damage - not 1 Billion - was this mistake intentional? ... i have noticed many media outlets making this mistake recently. Its an extremely convenient disinfo if it is. Check out how many times this "mistake" its mentioned in the media: NZ Media Paper, Associated Press,this site

Guess this poor guy just read the mistake in an article and its good he did bring up the Ufo point though .. Love how the guy says at the end .. "Greg you do your homework" lol .. ohh the media :

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