Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ufos are seen all the time in space - NASA

With the Atlantis shuttle currently in space NASA has its hands full with the repair of the hubble telescope. However, i can promise you they definitely will have their eye out as well on ufos as they are almost often always seen on these missions. Infact, during many previous shuttle trips ufos were seen so commonly that astronauts thought that there were "critters" living in space .

Many videos of NASA capturing footage of Ufos came from the mid 90's - the live feeds were copied by some smart people at the time and these became the 'NASA tapes' - a series of videos you may have seen on youtube with ufos all over the place. When NASA found this out they were furious and so since the late 90's all NASA feeds now travel on a secure and scrambled broadcast.

NASA UFOs Watch Shuttle and Scan Shuttle With Lasers:

UFO Caught Sightings Secret Coverup from Shuttle:
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Anonymous said...

It does ufology no good when people make these videos quoting astronauts out of context. The constant reference to "critters" is a reference to John Glenn's flight.(What the movie "The Right Stuff") He saw what was probably ice crystals illuminated around his spacecraft. Please folks, don't believe something just because of a video--there is plenty of REAL evidence out there and plenty of REAL astronaut testimony available to anyone willing to look for it.

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