Friday, May 15, 2009

UFO crashes in Kazakhstan May 2009 - again!

Ufos always seem to be crashing in remote Kazakhstan (as posted last year one crashed into a river) - wonder why this is so? is it a media beatup , Russian military shooting them down or some project or Ufo vortex?

Note: If you live in Kazakhstan and have witnessed the below report please reply to this post confirming what you have seen thanks!

Residents of a western Kazakhstan town reported that they witnessed two silver objects fall from the sky on Wednesday night

“It was at about 3AM. I was standing by my tractor when the guys started shouting: ‘Look, there are some balls flying.’ They were big and sparkling with yellow, red and green,” an eyewitness told Interfax news agency over the phone.

According to the witnesses, the spherical objects were approximately 60 cm in diameter, had a silvery surface with what appeared to be a small opening. The UFOs failed to bend or dent when local residents attempted to strike them with their tools, and said the balls produced sparks when they attempted to do so.

A preliminary investigation has failed to identify the strange objects, but according to head of the local emergencies service Aleksandr Ivanov, they are most likely “fragments of a man-made aircraft.”

He also noted that the region where the two spherical objects were discovered has no history of similar incidences.

“Objects fall on the areas bordering the Russian military test range Kapustin Yar, but here it’s a rare thing. I’d say it’s a first,” he said.

The balls were found to pose no immediate threat to public health or the environment and were sent for further research to “a specialized organization.”

Source - Russia Today

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