Saturday, May 02, 2009

New Ufo Hunters Alien Harvest + Season 2 out Shortly !

Great new episode from Season 2 of Ufo Hunters

By the way the whole amazing Season 2 of Ufo Hunters will be out in 3 weeks (May 26) on DVD. Its great to have a copy of the DVD to watch all these excellent episodes again.
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It's a disturbing pattern that's been going on for the past 40 years--thousands of cows seemingly slaughtered in the same strange, meticulous way on ranches around the world. This pattern has mystified ranchers, veterinarians, and law enforcement officials. Eyewitnesses report UFOs and black helicopters in the area where cows are turning up dead. Could someone be carrying out a macabre harvest? The team is hot on the trail of a recent mutilation case, analyzing the entire phenomenon.





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Anonymous said...

Very good episode!

Anonymous said...

creepy episode, it was really a x-files case.

Anonymous said...

Not too bad, but I'm not real impressed with a one night stake-out. The eye witness testimony was fascinating, but these clowns couldn't investigate an already solved case. I really miss Ted!

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