Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brazilian government releases new classified Ufo Documents

News just in the Brazilian government has released more previously classified documents revealing secret airforce and Military investigations into Ufos:

Below is a small extract from the article:

Two dozen officers of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) were involved in a secret mission in the middle of the Amazon jungle, in Pará, 30 years ago. Called Operation Prato, she is the most impressive research óvnis (UFO) performed by the Air Force that is known. It is a kind of Brazilian Roswell case with secret missions, stories and unexplained phenomena. While in Roswell, in March of Ufology world, the U.S. military first acknowledged the existence of óvnis and then denied the reports leave no doubt of FAB: The official I Regional Air Command (Comar), in Bethlehem, called for the operation, which occurred during the last four months of 1977, claim to have witnessed - more than once - ufos across the sky of the Amazon.

Details of Operation Prato are in confidential reports that have just been released by the federal government to consult the National Archives, in Brasilia. Since last year, are coming to public documents, some kept for over 50 years. All of secret UFO files are under the responsibility of the Civil House since 2005. There are 1,300 sheets of an estimated total of 25 pounds of material, with descriptions, sketches and photos of óvnis for three lots of information from the FAB. The first two contain reports of 50 and 60. The latter, opened in May and which is part of the Operation Prato, covers the next decade. Next month will be the turn of the achievements of 80 years. IstoE designs recreated in stories contained in the documents.

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