Thursday, July 23, 2009

A closer look at the Lunar Anomolies

Following on from the documentary Moon Rising i decided to go over the lunar pictures in question. There is some controversy over what the smudged out objects are. NASA says it was due to the images being old and they blurred the lines between the joining of the mosaics (collage of pictures).
Would like to know what you think though - do you think something is really being covered up here on the moon?

Please note: All these pictures have been taken from official Clementine Lunar Image Browser US Navy website. (you can verify original images back to Navy site by clicking on 'source link')

Do you think something is really being covered up here on the moon?
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Anonymous said...

Try rotating the image 180 dgr .Then the surface starts to look as it should.

Ryan Wright said...

I think they are definitely covering something up here. The reason they gave for blurring bad lines of the merging mosaic just doesn't add up. In one of the pictures you can see a terribly cropped satellite image which is left alone with no blur marks. Why only choose these specific regions to blur? Also, the blurring seems to take on shapes of buildings or even towers. If the square satellite imagery didn't align, we would see small areas of perfectly square smudging, not these odd shapes (unless the pictures aren't square). I wonder why NASA doesn't hire some good photoshop artists, they could easily be using the clone tool to make this look better. I am under the belief that we have building installations on the moon (and possibly mars). The only question is, were they there before Apollo 11?

Dr Reason said...

When images are transmitted or stored, during a CCD capture the digital image may have errors during capture, during transmission, or during storage. e.g. cosmic ray hitting the CCD at that time, or interference. Most transmission protocols use forward error correction. However, in some cases the error correction may not work. This is not unlike music CD's where a long scratch means unrecoverable and non approximate output. The same thing happens in video capture. These show up as blocks of gray in rendered images. I a cosmic ray has it an array of pixels, the errors can propagate inside the area where compression may also be used - hence odd block sizes. Try it yourself - get a hex editor, take a black and white shot of yourself, then go into the middle of the file and start corrupting bits - you'll see bock formations not unlike the pictures here.


Anonymous said...

I don't think they are hiding anything. The smudging is way to noticable, and this is NASA we are talking about. With all their technology I am sure they could make a doctored photo look just as real as an actual photo. If they were hiding something, it would be hidden. The "so=called" smudging shown could have been done by a 7 yr old with photoshop..This is NASA!!!

l2 said...

Anonymous: That's faulty reasoning.

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