Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did you see the Ufo over Streatham Common July 2009?

RealUfos would liek to know if you were one of the hundreds of people that saw the Ufo over Streatham Common in the Uk yesterday. Please respond to this post - we would liek pics and video if possible.

Hundreds of listeners flooded James Whale’s Drivetime afternoon show to report a UFO flying around Streatham Common.

First sightings came just before 6pm yesterday, when callers jammed the switchboards of Whale’s slot on LBC 97.3 saying they could see "multiple silver shapes forming in the sky".

Producers thought it was a wind-up, but the volume of calls and emails forced them to take it more seriously.

Whale said: "I got very excited when the calls started flooding in. I thought that Close Encounters was about to become a reality and that what everyone has been waiting for was finally about to happen."

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